Sunday, February 12, 2012

Obama is No Friend to Israel


Barry Rubin, as always, gets to the heart of the matter:

President Barack Obama is campaigning on the claim that he is a great friend of Israel despite the fact that this is clearly not true. After all, the announcement of a coalition government between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas, a genocidally oriented terrorist group that is openly anti- Semitic and rejects all of the agreements with Israel on which the PA is based prompts no US (or European) policy response.

The Hamas charter calls for the genocide of the Jews, yet Obama is OK with them joining with the Palestinian Authority as part of the governing coalition.

This just speaks volumes to Obama's real attitude toward Israel. If he were a friend to Israel, heck, if he were even a friend to the Jewish people, then he might not be so flaccid in his responses to the rise of political Islam, including Hamas.

In fact, Obama's acceptance of the Hamas organization proves that he is no friend to the Jewish state.  One cannot be a friend to a people and, simultaneously, be accepting of an organization devoted to the slaughter of that very same people.

It simply doesn't work that way.



  1. Obama et al say it is an "internal matter. "

  2. Obama does not seem to be as great a friend as he claims. America remains a friend, however, and most people can understand the aims of Hamas and others bent on destruction of Israel.

    I think each side should be better able to see he is not so good or bad as is claimed. I have concern that his approach emulates the Europeans who have created much of the problems in the first place through a misplaced implementation of policy that sees multiculturalism as supreme.

  3. Thus how can we reasonably think of this president, or this administration, as an actual ally and friend of either the Jewish people or the Jewish state?

    It just doesn't make any sense.

  4. America does remain a friend, School.

    It took me a little while to learn to appreciate the good 'ol USA, but I got there.I have to tell you, more and more I understand the neo-con impulse.  Those guys, those reviled guys, were, as I feel confident that you know, former Totskyists, former CCNY students (from the first and second alcoves, if you get me) who became disillusioned and recognized the essential decency of the U.S.Where they clearly went wrong was in the idea of promoting democracy at the point of an assault rifle.  I hated their asses during the Bush years, myself.That said, I agree with you that multiculturalism is failing.  But here is a question.How would you articulate the influence of western multiculturalism on Obama policy toward I-P?Now there's a good question, eh?Don't expect a Kossack to ask it, tho.

  5. Just a quick reply. I don't think it's affected policy much, even with what I see are missteps by Obama and too great a propensity for a multicultural approach.

    The Palestinians remain very able at being their own worst enemies, however.

    If Obama was not president, I think he would be seen as pro-Palestinian and an adherent of multiculturalism that, in practice, is used to weaken, not strengthen, society by those who wish to replace the existing order.

    This does not mean he not a friend. But for some to say he is the best friend ever gives me a chuckle and comes off as mere political spin. Next we will hear stories of 11th dimensional chess!

    Overall, there is too much black and white from both sides when it comes to Obama, much like with most controversial issues these days.