Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Volleyboy1 Joins Anti-Semites in Condemning "Israel Firsters," Implies That We're Traitors to America


Much to my astonishment, Daily Kos Obama follower, Volleyboy1, is joining with anti-Semites to condemn those they call "Israel Firsters." A so-called "Israel Firster" is a Jewish person who cares about other Jews, including those in Israel, and is willing to advocate for Jewish interests and to vote those concerns.

When a progressive-left racist tells Jews that if we care about Israel then we are "unAmerican" he is singling out the Jewish people for a double-standard that is not applied to any other people on the face of the planet.

However, to see Jewish people do so among progressive-left racists is just astonishing. Referring to Jews, such as myself, who are advocating that we vote Republican so as not to be taken for granted by the party that accepts anti-Zionists as part of its larger coalition, Volleyboy1 writes the following:

In the Meantime they would support a party which supports:

1. One State solution to the conflict in the Middle East (without thinking about the ramifications of that)
2. A front-running candidate who supported the Post Death conversions to Mormonism of Jewish Victims of the Holocaust
3. has a candidate that thinks Israel shouldn't exist and would de-fund it entirely.

Ok but I digress....

Now here is where I get controversial. I would say that if this is one's point of view, that the voter who feels this way is living in the wrong country. While one would certainly have the right to vote any way they want, why would this voter bother living here instead of in Israel? I would challenge anyone who feels this way to answer that question. If a narrow P.O.V. as determined by Im Tirtzu or the Israeli Right is what you vote for in American elections then you live in the wrong place.

Now, if one is a Republican to begin with... Dynamite vote for your party. But make your vote based on American priorities. After all, you are an American. If you want to vote for Israeli determined priorities, Kol HaKavod, move to Israel. They need more Olim.

So Volleyboy1 is telling Jewish people who care about their fellow Jews, and who will therefore not vote for Barack Obama, to leave America?

I am frankly amazed that this guy is turning out to be quite this extremist.

It's just disgraceful.



  1.  "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist party?"

    "Are you now or have you ever been too ardent a supporter of Israel?"


  2. This is just unbelievable.

    I think that maybe we should take a little dissecting VB's latest gift to the world.

    But, I have to say, I knew that we disagreed about Obama and about the progressive movement, but I never thought that he would stoop so low as to suggest that unless we support Barack Obama than we are bad Americans and should move directly to Israel.

    I'm just shocked at the ignorance, the malice, and the chutzpah.

  3. "I would say that if this is one's point of view, that the voter who feels this way is living in the wrong country." - Volleyboy1
    You honestly believe that you get to say who is worthy of being an American?

    I can think of nothing less American than such a notion.

  4. Who said anything about being "worthy of being an American"? 

    What I said was that in my opinion, someone who felt this way should live in another country - the country they feel most interested in. HOWEVER, I clearly stated that it was their recognized right to stay here and vote here.

    I said NOTHING about who was worthy of being an American.

    Stop trying to spin.

  5. Again with the lies?

    I never said:

    we support Barack Obama then we are bad Americans and should move directly to Israel.

    and you know this. What I said was that if you were a Republican - SURE vote for your interests based on your philosopy. You want to vote for the Republicans - Hey, don't let me stop you.

    What I also clearly said was: Vote for your own country's interest first rather than for another nations. Do you disagree with that. Are you suggesting we should put another nation in front of our own? Is that what you are trying to say?

  6. amend that italicized qoute to include the word "unless".... My error.

  7. Well, it's one way to engage the gross Israel hating Kossack, Heathlander.....if you are into that sort of thing. I'd rather eat shit, but that's just me.

  8. You did. You judged who should live here. Yet when asked, could you give even one example of such a person who puts Israel first with the belief it is against American interests to do so?

    You not only engage in  censorship of ideas that you do not like, but gratuitous conduct, calling people deranged because they do not concede your truth, as if that is the only truth. You remind me of blackwaterdog in this zeal to convince.

    Then you have the nerve to hold yourself out as a progressive. The irony of it.

    You deserve to be called out for this display, and I have no doubt that it will continue.

  9. It's obvious that you cannot see it, but that does not mean it is not so.

  10. This is what makes pro-Israel advocacy so much fun.


  11. "What I also clearly said was: Vote for your own country's interest first rather than for another nations."

    Something "dual loyalty" this way comes. Easily comes. Slippery is the slope and many are that slide thereon.

    Not you, Volleyboy1. Whatever the differences, I'm pretty sure you're not going to make that accusation. But you know how many takers and pouncers there are. You obliquely mentioned Ron Paul as one of the problems with the Republicans? (Can't argue with that, by the way, even though I'm a[n Israeli] right-winger.) Well, this issue, of Jews being "Israel-Firsters," is the one in which Far Right (Ronnie-boy's supporters) and Far Left (the Progressives, include DKos anti-Zionist specimens) see eye to eye.

  12. This is the most despicable thing that you've ever written, VB.

  13. Not only that, he censors the things he personally does not like, an act that is also despicable.

  14. It is despicable.  Y'know, I do not expect everyone to agree with me.  Heck, I do not even expect you to agree with me much of the time.

    But I would never, not ever, tell someone who disagrees with my politics that they should get the hell out of the country or that they do not belong here.

    I have only been told this once before, but that was by a rabid anti-Semite... a true hater.

    I certainly never expected to see this kind of material from a fellow Jew.

  15. By the way, this whole little episode also illustrates how progressivism can so easily slide into Stalinism or authoritarianism.

  16. Yep. I have been pointing this out for awhile now.

    I find you quite tolerant and able to accept criticism, and I hope you could say the same about me.

    Sadly, these guys would feel right at home living on Animal Farm.

  17. This that's happening now is similar to what happened in the 1930's (and is similar to what happened in Europe in the European Middle Ages).

    O In the 1930's, Jewish "Liberal" members of congress attacked "Conservative" members of congress for urging FDR to oppose Hitler and the Nazi regime of Germany, and those Jewish "Liberal" members of congress accused those "Conservative" members of congress of doing so for political selfish reasons.
    O In the 1930's, Jewish "Liberal" so-called "Jewish Leaders" sabotaged efforts by other Jewish people - particularly the efforts of some Zionist Jewish leaders - to defend and rescue Jewish people in Europe.
    O In the 1930's, the Jewish-in-name owners of the New York Times newspaper deliberately obfuscated reports about the racist anti-Jewish genocidal intentions of the Nazi regime in Germany (in, I think, an effort to not appear, to non-Jewish anti-Jewish racists, to be the racist anti-Jewish stereotype: "Clannish Selfish Jews").
    O In the 1930's, socially prominent German-Jewish Jewish people in Germany advocated for the acceptance of the Nazi regime in Germany, and, in, I think, some cases, did so up until they were murdered by the Nazis.
    O The inventor of the murder-and-cannibalism-of-European-Christian-children libel ("The Blood Libel") that European people propagated against the Jewish people for several hundred years was an ethnically Jewish man named Theobald of Cambridge who was a Christian convert, and who lived in England in the 1100's.

    Aaahhh, Jewish Stockholm syndrome: How familiar; How unwholesome; How detrimental.

    BTW: I used to "be" "Liberal". I used to take for granted that I "was" "Liberal". However, I no longer consider myself to "be" "Liberal". I am now aware of what is currently reality. I am now aware of what is, in fact, the case.

  18.  Clarifying correction:

    Anti-Jewish racism is constituted by belief in lies - lies that falsely
    accuse the collective of the Jewish people of being guilty of particular heinous crimes, and that falsely accuse only the collective of
    the Jewish people, and no other peoples, of being guilty of particular heinous crimes.