Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jews are Running for the Hills


Obviously our friends over at FOX News would be happy with this.

I am not happy with it in the least, actually, but I deal in a little something that I like to call "reality" and reality tells us that the Obama administration has entirely screwed up the peace process out of some racist need to tell Jewish people where we may, or may not, be allowed to live in Israel.

This is the same Barack Obama who thinks that Jewish people need to search our souls in order to determine whether or not we truly want peace.

This is the same Barack Obama who met with the Muslim Brotherhood in secret long before he helped them come to power in Egypt.

If the Democratic Party and the progressive movement are bleeding Jewish support this is the fault not of us Jewish dissenters, but of the party and the movement.

And I tell you something else, the Obama administration is going to set Jew against Jew, much to the delight of progressive-left anti-Zionists.



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  1. Those of us who are Jewish need to seek out real friends.

    I just recently discovered the following blog(s).

    Omar Dakhane Blog - مدونة عمر دخان (Arabic and English)

    Omar Dakhane - The English Blog (English)

    Pro-secular, pro-American, pro-Arab, pro-Jewish, pro-peace, anti-Jew-hatred, anti-Israel-hatred, anti-terrorism, blogs by an Arab blogger, Omar Dakhane.

    On his blogs, Omar Dakhane has exposed some Middle-Eastern Muslim Arab intendedly genocidally anti-Jewish anti-Israeli "media-event" stagings.