Friday, February 17, 2012

We Love Israel. Palestine? Not So Much


Good and not unexpected news from Israel Matzav:

A Gallup poll shows that Israel's approval rating in the United States is at 71%, up 3% from last year. This year's ratings for Canada (96%), Australia (93%), Germany (86%), Japan (83%), and India (75%) are all record highs for those countries in Gallup trends that stretch back at least a decade. Additionally, the survey finds Great Britain (90%), France (75%), and Israel (71%) rated near their all-time highs. The seven countries listed are the only ones with higher ratings than Israel.

The 'Palestinians' have a positive rating of 19%, ahead of Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea and Iran.

Progressives will likely be upset that their beloved Palestinians are still not winning Americans hearts.


  1. Well, it's kind of difficult to win American hearts when one's culture is primarily known for inventing the suicide bomber and for dancing in the streets of Ramallah on 9/11.

    The thing of it is that the Palestinians would become the most beloved people on the planet if they would kindly end the occupation by declaring an end of hostilities and accepting a state for themselves in peace next to Israel.

    Until they are willing to do that they will continue to wrack up much of the world's contempt.

  2.  Trouble is it goes way beyond the Palestinians themselves.

  3. I am starting to wonder if it is even possible, given the underlying dogma concerning Jews (and America) that is pounded into the masses.

    Only the Palestinians can make this choice, but do they risk the wrath of their peers? And will the adherents of Shari'a as the foundation of law be obliged to accept such a decision in a similar light?

    In such an event, the approvals for both Palestinians and Israel would likely shoot up to all time highs.

  4.  Possible? Not in many lifetimes I suspect.

  5. It just brings you such joy that American's hate the Palestinian's almost as much as you do. 

  6.  No joy. Only sadness that they can't overcome their hatred towards Jews.

  7. This would be like telling black people that they hate white people for discussing the history of slavery in the United States.

    Why don't you go tell some dhimmis that they are racist.  

    They might buy into your garbage.

  8. btw, Doodad, would you expect the above commenter to self-identify as a "progressive" or a conservative?

    That's what I thought.

  9.  Oh Progressive all the way. Probably a Kossack. They always figure they know what others are thinking or feeling.

  10. The self-righteous arrogance never ceases to amaze me.

  11. Interesting question. Indeed.

    If a progressive, it does not make those who differ conservative to stand against those that violate the rights of children and others. Standing for human rights is a liberal notion.

    In any event, the venom dripping in the words was inappropriate, but is too often a part of the "progressive" manner of dialogue to include unnecessary invective.