Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kossacks Love Islamic Jihadists


Yesterday there was another diary crying the blues about an Islamic Jihadist on a hunger strike by Troubadour, serial Israel hater. Today another serial Israel hating Kossack, Assaf, reports the news that the Jihadist has agreed to stop the hunger strike since Israel has agreed to release him  by April. Assaf crows that:

 Make no mistake: Khader's strike and his victory are an integral part of the Arab Spring.

Why do Kossacks celebrate these Islamic Jihadists? The answer may be found in Assaf's final remarks:

Will the West and Israel, especially the liberal-progressive sectors of those socieities, be ready to finally do right in Israel-Palestine? Or will they be shamefully dragged, kicking and screaming, like has happened to other Western-backed dictatorships in the region?

Obviously they see Israel as no better than, " other Western-backed dictatorships in the region."  What fools they be.

Here's a little bit of truth about the poor innocent hunger striker:

Khader is an EVIL BASTARD. Anyone who stands with him is part of that evil. Soysauce calls him a HERO. Fire bad tree pretty calls it a victory for resistance. dKos is a shithole.


  1. You hit the nail on the head with regard to the individuals named, and those who celebrate the "baker" while intentionally disregarding his avocation.

    These folks will not say if they believe administrative detention is ever permitted, even though international law so permits. In other states, the matter is more about kidnapping and people going missing. Where is that outcry?

    If this guy did not advocate violence, perhaps they would have a leg to stand on. Instead, they want to take away the state's ability to defend itself in a war of asymmetrical warfare where the enemy obeys no rules at all. 

    The brazen tactics of groups like Islamic Jihad apparently gives them no cause for concern. This is where the lack of care for human rights is exposed, not to mention the silence for far worse instances of human suffering occasioned by state and non-state actors. It shows that their advocacy is purely political and anti-Israel, anti-West.

    Many progressives  fall prey to this challenge to "do right." Thus, to dare speak about such matters, to poke open the holes, one earns a badge of scorn from many in the "progressive" wing, as if there is a need to prove bona fides, even though it separates the facade of human rights support from the core.

    With regard to these diaries at DKos, I actually think there was  a modicum of blowback directed at the diarists. I hope someone posted the video to show just who this person is.

    I am unsure of the grounds of his detention, but believe this is exactly the type of "combatant" that permits a state to act according to law.

    In 2005, Jelena Pejic, Legal Advisor at the International Committee of the Red Cross and Head of the ICRC Project on the Reaffirmation and Development of International Humanitarian Law, noted:

    detention is a measure of control aimed at dealing with persons who pose a real
    threat to State security, currently or in the future, in situations of armed
    conflict, or to State security or public order in non-conflict situations; it
    is not a measure that is meant to replace criminal proceedings.

    More specifically: 

    [R]ecourse to these measures
    may be had only if the security of the State makes it “absolutely necessary”
    (GC IV, Article 42) or for “imperative reasons of security” (GC IV, Article
    78). The exceptional nature of internment lies in the fact that it allows the
    detaining authority to deprive persons of liberty who are not subject to criminal
    process, but are nevertheless considered to represent a real threat to its security
    in the present or in the future. As the Commentary on the Fourth Geneva Convention
    explains, “It did not seem possible to define the expression ‘security of the
    State’ in a more concrete fashion. It is thus left very largely to Governments to
    decide the measure of activity prejudicial to the internal or external security
    of the State which justifi es internment or assigned residence.”

    At least to me, the cries of pain for this innocent "baker" fall on deaf ears.


  2. They're using the language of civil rights to justify violence against us.

    That is the bottom line.

  3. Yep. You said in one sentence what took me many.

  4. So much care for the "baker" that I suspect his supporters will neglect to see that a trial court in Iran has issued its final verdict, ordering a Christian pastor to be put to death for leaving Islam and converting to Christianity.



    You see, it's wrong to be seen siding with the Christians.

    And let's not forget the Saudi blogger either.

    Or the lovely celebration for Khader by the Palestinians.


  5. Just to confirm my suspicions, I did a search there yesterday on Khader Adnan and Hamza Kashgari, going back to February 1.  Imagine my 'surprise' (shocked!) to find that those at that place who claim to care about a "just" Middle East have written precisely nothing on Hamza Kashgari.  I wonder why that is?

  6. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand what it is about.

    I also remember Christy saying not long ago how the Iranians were opening their doors to the UN inspectors. Wonder if she will ever comment about this story from the WaPo:

    IAEA mission to Iran ends in failure; Iran still defiant


    Stop by my site sometime and join in if you dare to risk being tainted by association.

  7. He isn't Palestinian and Israel can't be blamed. That simple.