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Antizionism Is The New Antisemitism -- Pondering The Christian Mind...


This is a flow over post from an exchange on Connexions,  the blog of Richard Hall a Methodist minister in Wales on a thread where I was banned for alleged anti non-antisemitism ( a  bum wrap that I hotly, indignantly and self righteously deny), 

The full thread together with the banned comments is here.

This is Christian antizionism. It is as clear an image of the new antisemitism as you can get. Do you get it? [hat tip image  Daphne Anson]  

Here's the last comment about to be banned on the I don't want to hear this and I don't want my readers to either thread of Richard Hall. 

I am listening Richard.

I'm ignoring you is all.

Not really.

Just not doing what you tell me to do is all.

I will  join the conversation again on another thread probably if you will have me and the opportunity presents but for now allow me please to squeeze the last I can from the ban on this thread.

Thanks for that by the way. Nothing like a good ban to get the page views clicking..

I guess that's important for a political blog.


It's curious though how sacred it is to them -- the notion that at this stage of this old and ugly game  it is alright to vilify Zionism while simultaneously  holding that  this is not antisemitism of the most vile kind.

What the hell do they think Zionism is?

It's as if their minds are warped in some place in history rather than in the here and now.

It's also as if nothing has happened in the last hundred years and that global Jewishness  is not such a very different thing now in every sense to what it was in 1912.

What is that Orwell said about Doublethink? The ability to hold with equal conviction two diametrically opposing positions in the same time and space.

Maybe that was the Dr Who corollary.  Anyway there's a lot of it about and in particular it seems on this remarkable and critical issue for humankind..

Whether Israel is worth it. Should Israel just.. you know .. go away.

It's a moral question for them because they must know Israel thinks Israel is worth it and there  are enough others who think the same to make the issue the subject of a serious shooting war if Israel was not already serious enough on her own.. That should be the end of rational discussion.

It should be the end of any internal conflict as well you would think especially if they are Christians and therefore bound by religious conviction to be on the side of peace. That way lies war. This way lies the best chance for peace. Israel is here to say. It would take a genocide to remove her.  Accept it. Live with it. Celebrate it.

Maybe then the enemies of Israel will get the message.

And yet they go on and on.

Imagine for a moment that it was within their power to  dismantle Israel. . You can be certain Western antizionists of all stripes do or fantasise  about it more likely. . No doubt while reading all those books by self flagellating Jews.  You can almost see Antony Loewenstein drooling. . It's quite disgusting,  If it wasn't for Balfour and Oslo it would be about the greatest fraud since 1912.

They keep on going back to the same ring of names. You could name all the antizionist intellectuals who present as Jews and who present in English from memory and probably a few others as well.They keep on popping up all the time. They keep on keeping on. There has to be a market for the pictures.  Maybe that's what U-Tube  is about.

It does not  impress me in the slightest  that many of the men and women who vilify Israel and talk of its removal are Jews. Why should it. Does it impress you? Why is it that they behave as if it should impress anyone.  Why does it impress them?

 Haven't we moved beyond that. What are they thinking? That the Jews are a tribe? That some how they are different?

In most cases they are committed Communists or other party line political extremists anyway. Israel and the Jews are not even the start of what they would push under a passing bus if they could.  A fair sprinkling of the others are fringe religious lunatics with no place in politics and since they don't even vote should count not at all.

Why are they so fascinated by Jews attacking Israel and the Jews? They have been pondering the Jewish soul for evidence that it does not include Zionism at Connexions and I reckon that's fair enough..

But to take some kind of comfort in the fact that so many in the Israel is evil and must go camp are Jews, something beyond Schadenfreude, is to not only not get modern Jewishness as it is in the here and now but frankly is to exhibit something pretty creepy.

Which is enough for a separate post . I'll leave this here and send it to Richard on the banned thread where I'm being punished for anti non-antisemitism.

I may as well take advantage of this banned thing while I can so here goes:.

Antizionism is the new antisemitism.

Shut up you guys. That  is banned in polite circles.

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  1. I would very much hope that people who read here understand that anti-Zionism is clearly a form of anti-Semitism.

    There is simply no doubt about it.

    Anti-Zionism, which today primarily derives from the progressive-left, seeks to deny to Jewish people, and only Jewish people, despite the Holocaust, what it accepts for everyone else, i.e., sovereignty and self-defense.

    1. Well said. There really is no other honest way to look at it.