Monday, October 22, 2012

Latest Times of Israel Piece

Mike L.

Will Obama Condemn the Jihad Against the Jews?

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has requested that president Obama condemn a recent Muslim Brotherhood statement calling for a Jewish bloodbath.

Will Obama be so kind as to do so?

I very much doubt it.

By the way, my last TOI piece, Obama, the Brotherhood, and the Jewish left, was subject to a coordinated attack in the comments by some rather unfriendly individuals.



  1. Are you trying to out the poor little petrified bullshit artist who participated in that attack under his own name, Mike?

    I will hold you responsible for that, btw! Or something like that. ;)

    1. Well... Jay...

      I am responsible and I am fully prepared to accept any consequences that may come due to my rather atrocious behavior in the past and, probably, my forthcoming atrocious behavior in the not too distant future.


      I suppose really, tho, what I want is for people who may read the comments under these brief pieces to understand that there is a coordinated attack.

      I would have far, far more respect for the people conducting those attacks if they would make their case here in a reasonably respectful manner.

      Reuven recently contributed a question that was framed in a perfectly fine manner, so I know that they are capable of it.

      Of course, that doesn't mean that I am under any obligation to respond, but I will certainly only respond to any of those gentlemen if they frame their comments in a manner that is neither hostile nor demeaning.

      That would be just dandy.

    2. And if none of that works, we always have Zombie Kahane at our beck and call, right?


      But yeah, I was looking forward to reading a (reasonably respectful) response to your response on that issue you mention from last week. Sorry to see that it never came.

    3. Zombie Kahane?


      I knew that Zombie Sharon was out there, along with Little Snort, fighting anti-Zionists wherever they might be found, but Zombie Kahane?

      Holy crap!

      What a frightening notion that is!

      btw, can you believe what's going on with the Giants?

      If they can beat the Cards tonight, then Laurie and I will have a bet with her sisters, both of whom went to the University of Michigan.

      I'd say that a bottle of wine each will suffice.

    4. I'm a huge baseball fan (and a former high-school level catcher who certainly could have made a go at a minor league 'career' if I had stuck with it; although I doubt I ever would have made it to The Show because although no ball on the planet could get past me defensively, I totally sucked at the plate), so you must know I'm extremely superstitious.

      I haven't said anything about the Giants the past couple days because I don't want to jinx your guys!

      Make the bet more interesting! Detroit Coney dogs and Faygo for youze if the Giants win it; Fruitvale taco truck fare and a 6-pack of 21st Amendment Bitter American for them if the Tigers pull it off...

    5. Oh, and also. Be glad it's not the Twins and that they didn't go to Minnesota. Because then lutefisk and hotdish would be involved. And while I like both of those things, not many others do... ;)

    6. Jesus God, and now we have the debate starting!

      Oh, the horror.

      I'll check in with you guys on the flip side.

    7. The thing I admire most about presidential candidates is that they can go 90 minutes, on national teevee, essentially under constant attack, without letting numerous profanities fly.

      I could never do that.

      And this is why I could never be president.

      I would absolutely provide for three entertaining debates as a candidate, however. Word the fuck up. ;)

  2. I am just flabbergasted.

    What a series! What a post-season!

    9 - Zip and it ends in a rainstorm.

    I have to tell ya, I just ate this up.


    But, Laurie and I will be on a plane back east to attend her 20th high school reunion on Wed during the first game of the World Series.

    Am I to understand that in this day and age I will not have access to that game in real time?!


  3. Heh.

    All I know is the yankees, the Braves, the Dodgers and the Cardinals are all gone now, so I can now finally rest easy and enjoy the coming basketball season.

    Let's go Sixers!