Friday, October 5, 2012


  1. And, so, we close out yet another week with the inmates here at Israel Thrives.

    For you Taliban supporters, you should know that Laurie and I will be out all day tomorrow. We have the Lodi wine festival on Treasure Island in the Bay tomorrow afternoon and, needless to say, the Giants confront former Giant's manager, Dusty Baker, and his Cincinnati Reds in the first game of the post-season.

    Tomorrow will be about Zins in the afternoon and dogs in the evening.

    The World Series possibilities, btw, are interesting.

    The A's have won their division, much to my astonishment, and therefore there is the possibility of a subway series.

    The Yanks have taken the American League East and nothing would please me more than seeing el Gigantes kick Yankee ass!

    And then there is Baltimore. Laurie's twin, Danika, lives just outside of Baltimore.

    Fun. Fun. Fun.

    In any case, Let's Go Giants!

    And a good Sabbath to one and all.

    1. Have fun Michael. I didn't know Laurie is a twin. I'm a twin. Maybe that explains your strange attraction to me :P

      I'm rooting for the Giants for you, btw. And for Cali. Mostly for Cali. But some for you too.

      Shabbat Shalom

    2. Danika teaches high school fizziks and her husband is the football coach.

      The first time I met her they were both in their early-mid twenties and started wrestling around on the bed. Warren, Danika's then boyfriend, started giving her advice. He was like, "OK, now take your right arm and put it around her neck. That's it. Now lift her with her knees. You got her. Now press down on the shoulders."

      And so on and so forth.

      The guy is a football coach and a wrestling coach.

      Meanwhile I was leaning against the door frame, smoking a cigarette and saying something like, "The left! Give her the left!"


    3. I just hope your Lodi is nicer than New Jersey's Lodi! Heh.

      Going back to something you mentioned earlier (the Occupy thing), Oakland's always good for a fun introduction, isn't it?

      I lived there only briefly, but it was during the Chauncey Bailey assassination (I was living in a motel just blocks away) and its immediate aftermath.

      Nonetheless, Oakland is just all kinds of awesome, and if I ever do have to leave Philadelphia for some strange reason (they'll drag me out of here... ummm, from my cold dead hands... or something like that!), Oakland's the only other city in which I'd want to live.

      Which is all to say that I'm pulling for the A's, no offense.

      Also. Fuck the Braves. Ha Ha Ha, buh bye!

      Best of luck to your guys. The Phillies will be back to take it all again in 2013, anyway... ;)

    4. And as usual, the Cubs and Sox will sit at home watching the games on the teebee. &)^)*(&^!!!!!!!!

    5. Fret not!

      It's only three years now until the Cubs win the 2015 World Series (over the Marlins, after they somehow unexpectedly switch leagues to the AL and figure out how to win baseball games again). Back to the Future II can not be wrong!

      Well, except for the flying cars thing... ;)

  2. It's great to finally have a working refrigerator again!

    Before tomatoes and peppers go away for the season (I think we have about a week left), I want to try a Moroccan fish ball and spicy tomato sauce thing. Looking through some recipes now.

    Also, the Fair Food Farm Stand at Reading Terminal Market (a.k.a. The Greatest Place on Earth) has "mini-kiwis" and tomatillos. Planning salsa. It doesn't freeze well, but I can at least have a great week of meals to look forward to over the coming days!

  3. Lol, re: the new sidebar entry.

    I'm only really a mad man when I miss out on things like ground cherries or pawpaw at the farmers' market, because I just so happen to be broke the week I see those things.

    Now hide your children, ARRRGGGHHHHH!