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Father Dave Watch --- October Report


Jewish Settlers Say Video Catches Palestinians Destroying their Own Olive Trees
Moral Distinctions 101 First Semester
These are trees that have been hacked around outside Jerusalem 

Father Dave friend Father Roy

Father Roy writes:   Palestinian farmers have every reason to be angry.  And they express themselves as best they can.  The highlights in the article pasted below are mine.  Please read this article, too:  A malignancy called Jewish settlers.   Peace, Roy

Peace on you as well, Roy.

Attacks on trees by piss weak cowards in the night is as gutless and girly as a stuffed pink mammoth.

Tree Hacker Prize  2012
Whoever they are.

But these are trees.

What is it about Christians and olive trees?

We will come back to the trees  but first a little perspective.

In the same period as the olive harvest hundreds of Syrians including many women and children and other innocents have been butchered in a cruel war that for some reason is morally problematic for these earnest Christian clerics to even mention. They are mute.

Their fixation is on the trees outside Jerusalem.

How far is it from Jerusalem to Damascus?

Any Christian cleric should be able to tell you that.

Approximate distance as the crow flies in miles from Jerusalem Israel to Damascus Syria is 134 miles or 215.61 Kilometers

Which that site obligingly informs us will take 2.2 hours by car. A long walk for sure especially at the wrong time of year.

In truth it is 99 light years. Einstein proved that even before he got a job in the Swiss patents office.

The distance between barbarism and civilisation.

We know what is going on in Damascus right now. We know what is going on in Syria.

Artillery, tank and war plane attacks on civilians. Massacres. .Executions. Torture.  Unspeakable atrocities committed on women and children in detention.   Tens of thousands dead and injured and 100 000's forced from their homes.

How much of the cruel carnage can be seen from where once ran the ancient road from Jerusalem about 150 miles long? Especially the last fifty miles to Damascus from Quneitra then as now beyond the will and writ of Jerusalem.

We can not ignore the appalling moral spikes of these horrors from the Bronze Age and before, since before there was civilisation, since when barbarism ruled unchallenged by any light of man or God.

How can we and still call ourselves men and women?
Only Christian clerics it seems have that privilege.

Which brings us back to the trees.

Attacked once again at harvest time so mysteriously when all the pickers are in the groves by day and all the families around by night doing whatever people do with freshly harvested olives for two thousand years and more.

Somehow the Jews get around it all in the night and get at the trees unseen. Even on  Shabbat.  Even the Orthodox. .

A malignancy will do that.

It's all a crock of course as the malignancy has filmed. .

It's the same pile of horse shit every year. If you buy it you may as well line up for a splinter from the one true cross. Just like the Red Cross ambulance with a missile through the cross incident, the Netzarim Junction blood libel, ,  the Jenin massacre ,

It seems it is not only olives that are being harvested around Jerusalem right now. Right around pruning time.

They pick olives and harvest prunes into the bargain. Good business if you can get it.

This is another UN retailed slur pumped out by the PLO propaganda ministry for killer affairs and earnestly sucked up by the dumb, gullible and hateful everywhere.

It works so well with a certain kind of Christian who just want to believe this vile lying ranting rank antisemitism so much it hurts. You can see it their faces. They saw an open door and they kicked it off the hinges in the rush.

Antizionism is not antisemitism. Everyone knows that. What a relief and how exquisitely easy. It's all just  a matter of words.

Read  this filthy vile racist hatred written only for the purpose of incitement to war.  . Brought to you by Father Roy and the Church of England.

By Khalid Amayreh
They murder in cold blood, steal in broad daylight and lie as often as they breathe the oxygen of life, all in the name of the Lord.
They descend on poor and helpless Palestinian olive harvesters in the vicinity of their colonies, beating the farmers, stealing their crops and destroying their orchards. And when the poor Palestinians try to put up a resistance, the heavily-armed thugs train their guns at them.
This is not the American Wild West. Welcome to the West Bank, where marauding Jewish settlers, who claim to be acting on instructions from God and that they are a light upon the rest of humanity, are tormenting Palestinian farmers day and night, seven days a week.
Even on Saturdays, the Jewish Sabbath or day of rest, the ostensibly religious but manifestly immoral settlers waste no time allowing the Palestinians a moment of respite.


That's the end of it for one month you would hope. Not a bit of it. There is also this:

Russell Tribunal on Palestine encounters media blackout

Father Roy writes:The mainstream media simply refused to cover the Russell Tribunal on Palestine One is tempted to ask who owns the (deleted) mainstream media.  Not to worry, Peers.  Let’s thank God for the Internet.  On the Internet there’s information at our fingertips.  We network and exchange what we know.  Attitudes influenced in Cyberspace create facts on the ground.  The days of “Ignorance is Bliss” are over.  “Let not your hearts be troubled, Peers.”  We’ll figure out ways to right some wrongs.  Cooperative efforts will be required, of course.  But when we really and truly think about it, all we need to do … one individual at a time … is focus collectively and simultaneously on the issues that matter most to us and reach consensus.  That’s all we need to do.   Peace, Roy 

I have to say it Roy. People like you make a bad situation worse. I wish you would just peace off. It would be better for everyone.
It is deplorable that you are tolerated. One is tempted to ask who owns the Church of England.

Had enough? Not a bit of it.

Then there is this ...

Father Roy writes:   The letter that Christian Leaders wrote to Congress recently (see below) is being ”criticized” by Jewish Groups.  This is a serious matter.  Spread the word.  Christians need to be alerted.  The Jewish Council for Public Affairs “rejected” what the Christian Leaders called for in the letter.  The American Jewish Committee was OUTRAGED.  But that’s not the worst of it.  The Rabbinical Assembly called for a “re-evaluation” of the interfaith partnerships, between the assembly and the denominations represented in the letter.  Is that a threat?  Or a promise?  Whichever, this incident needs publicity.  We cannot let it fester.  The highlights in JTA’s report are mine  Peace, Roy 


Peace on you too Roy, again. 

The highlights in his gleeful account of the destruction of relations at all levels between his brand of Christians, and Jews and Jewry, are mine.
The feeling is exceedingly  mutual at least in my case.. I know a creep and bigot I would rather not be in the same room when I see one.
Most people have stopped buying the lie this is about the "Palestinians" at all..   All honest people who have bothered to inform themselves have.

These Christian clerics are preaching war propaganda for all the world to hear. They are preaching the oldest hatred from the pulpit again and for all the old reasons.  It is shameful. They need to look into their souls. So does that the Church that supports them.

Moral Distinctions 101  Second Semester
These are children who have been hacked around outside Damascus

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  1. As to the olive trees, for years we've been hearing that those evil "settlers" have been ripping Sacred Palestinian Olive Groves (TM) out of the ground with their bare fangs, but now we are to understand that sometimes Palestinians destroy the trees in order to blame it on Jews?

    This is a tactic that is very similar to Pallywood.

  2. btw, Geoffff, I need you to title your pieces so that I can post that title, with a link, on Facebook and Twitter.