Saturday, October 20, 2012

Perilous Times

Mike L.

This was put together by the Republican Jewish Coalition so it is, pretty much by definition, a work of propaganda.

Nonetheless, it is far less egregious than some other anti-Obama videos that I have come across mainly because it does not insult the intelligence of its audience by overstating its case.

Unless you're an Obama supporter who is entirely in the bag for this president it is certainly worth the ten minutes to give it a look-see because most of what it has to say is, in my opinion, right on the money.

Obama is simply not a friend to the Jewish State of Israel.  No president who supports the Muslim Brotherhood, or the rise of political Islam throughout the Middle East, can possibly be such a friend.

This is true on its face.


  1. I posted this when it was released. From memory Shirlee sent it to me.

    I looked at it from a non-partisan perspective once removed and saw it as an honest statement of its case from one side of politics on a critical issue in a critical election.

    If there was anything like it from the Democrats I would post it too. Ten minutes on why Obama is the best friend Israel ever had.

    Followed by ten minutes of jokes.

    Is there anything in the RJC video you can fault?

    It all happened. The public rudeness and insults at the Israeli PM who incidentally has a much better chance of being affirmed in the job soon.
    The complete crap diplomacy. The front line WH guy who couldn't remember what the party line was on the capital of Israel.

    It all happened and more

    1. And after watching the video, a couple pictorial
      reminders are in order.