Thursday, October 4, 2012

Well, This is Shocking

Mike L.

Presidential race reset, Romney backers say 
The reviews are in: Mitt Romney won the first debate and the presidential race has entered a new phase, supporters of the Republican presidential candidate — and even some Democrats — say.
I have made exactly two predictions in regards the upcoming presidential election.  One is that Obama will win and the other is that his percentage of the Jewish vote will drop from around 80 percent, in 2008, to 65 percent or under this year.

On my second prediction, I seem to be more or less on target.   Obama's horrendous treatment of Israel has shaved off some points, but not very many.  Part of the reason for this is because Obama's Jewish partisans continually assure the rest of us that Barack Obama is a terrific friend to the state of Israel, which is, of course, absolute hogwash.

One cannot be a friend of the Jewish state of Israel, not to mention the Jewish people as a whole, while ushering the Muslim Brotherhood, the Big Daddy of Jihadi Organizations, into power.  It simply does not work that way.  One cannot work directly against the well-being of the Jewish people while simultaneously claiming to be a friend of the Jewish people.

But, I am now beginning to wonder if I was mistaken in my first prediction.  I have been operating under the assumption that Obama is a shoo-in for a very long time, now.  While it is certainly clear that Obama is a terrible leader, it is also certainly clear that he is a terrific politician.  Laurie and I went with some friends to one of his campaign rallies in Oakland in '08 when we were still living in San Francisco.  The crowd was enthusiastic and Obama was inspiring.

That's why I voted for him to begin with.  George W. Bush had been, to my mind, a disaster and the very idea of America's first Black president spoke to my heart.  The fact that he had been president of the Harvard Law Review also told me that he was an intelligent man.  There was no possible way that I was not going to vote for Barack Obama in 2008.

But times change.

I never expected him to take a hostile stance toward Israel.  I never expected him to wreck the peace process and then blame that failure on the Jews of the Middle East.  I never expected him to side with political Islam in its struggle for power in that part of the world.

In retrospect, I should have seen that coming, but I did not.  Most of us did not and perhaps we owe something of a mea culpa to those who did.

But now we see that Romney may very well have a shot at defeating the most anti-Israel president in history.

Keep your fingers crossed guys!


  1. Romney is no prize either, especially when it comes to domestic priorities.

    According to Victor Davis Hanson, Obama has had to embrace almost all of the prior Bush-Cheney protocols. In spite of his predisposition that "the root of anti-Americanism lies in the things that a culpable America has done, rather than what we represent or who we are," he is and will continue to be "retaught by events, in the manner of prior presidents of both parties who finally grew wary of radical Islam." History instructs there is really little other choice.

  2. The problem with Obama is whether the instruction will come soon enough to stop a catastrophe.

    The principle that ultimately it is all the West's fault has so infested the liberal political cultures of our countries that academics in out universities actually need courage to call it out.

    It's even worse with the corollary. That Islamic rage is about legitimate grievance and therefore is itself legitimate. The more outrageous the rage the more legitimate the grievance must be. The more it is our fault.

    Telling the truth here risks an allegation of racism. Try it.

  3. I have to say, I just love the picture of the little girl at the top of this piece.

    She almost as cute as Little Snort.