Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pamela Geller's Racist Detractors

Mike L.

I've never been a huge fan of Pamela Geller.

I always found her to be a bit too strident for my tastes.  Nonetheless, and I have written on this before, those who think that the advertisement below is racist toward Muslims are... wait for it!... racist toward Muslims.

The only way that the advertisement below can be considered racist is if one conflates regular Muslims with violent Jihadis.

The irony is just so rich.

In this instance it is not Geller who is racist, but her detractors.

There is one thing that I very definitely admire about Geller, tho.  She has got brass balls.  This is a woman who is willing to stand up and denounce the Jihad and thereby suffer not only progressive-left defamation, but perpetual death threats.

People like Geller have to give their talks with the protection of body guards to protect them not just from some pissed-off Muslims, but from violent progressives, as well.

Now, don't you find this just a tad bit odd?  Isn't it just a little ironic that this diminutive Jewish woman needs physical protection from those who claim to stand for freedom of speech and social justice?

Don't you find it rather sad that "progressive Zionists" put this woman's life at risk by promoting hatred toward her?

I do.


  1. Wow, I'm actually amazed that diary didn't make the rec list there. Seemed tailor-made for it. Perhaps it's because the diarist stated, more than once, that he's a supporter of Israel. Every other ingredient was there, though. David "Useful Idiot" Harris-Gershon could have broken the 'Rec List' charts on that one...

    I'd argue that that should tell people who still participate at Daily Kos something.

    And don't tell me participation there is only about electing Democrats, either. That hasn't been that site's mission for at least an election cycle now; and it no longer has any influence in that regard, either.

    Why do people still post there? I dunno...

  2. I agree that it was not necessary to use the diary because it gives it too much significance, undeservedly so.

    This ode to Geller accuses her of hate, yet it a hate filled way.

    The diary actually referred to Geller as a "person." Is she not a human?

    Not to mention that the SPLC, from which most everything was lifted, seems disinterested when it comes to Muslim hate groups that target Jews.

    Why does a Geller or others need protection, and do those that refer to human beings as "persons" contribute to making things better or worse?

  3. "David "Useful Idiot" Harris-Gershon could have broken the 'Rec List' charts on that one.."

    Yep. He's one of the "good Jews," over there. He hates Israel and LOVEESSSSSSSSSS BDS like a good boy.

    1. Yeah, but that truly hurt the Useful Idiot so deeply, to decide that he just had no other choice but to 'come out' in favor of BDS.




      Pfffttt, yeah right! And if he believes that, I have Pirates playoff tickets to sell him... ;)