Sunday, October 21, 2012

PM: We'll build J'lem like they build London, DC

Mike L. 
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday responded to international criticism of a plan to build 797 homes in Gilo, saying that Israel will continue construction in Jerusalem in the same way that the international community builds in their own individual capitals.

"We place no limits on construction in our capital city," Netanyahu said at the start of a cabinet meeting. "Just as they build in London, Paris, Washington and Moscow, we will continue to build in Jerusalem."
Good for Netanyahu!

If I thought for one second that the Palestinians actually wanted a state for themselves in peace next to Israel with the Arab portions of Jerusalem as a capital I might think otherwise, but clearly they do not.

I know that some Jews like the idea of ripping the heart out of Israel in order to feed it to the Arab world out of some pathetic hope that this will placate them, but since the Arabs have proven that they will not leave the Jews of the Middle East in peace it makes no sense to give them any part of the ancient Jewish city for another Arab capital.

When Obama lied to the Jewish people in his AIPAC speech of, I think, 2008, he said that Jerusalem is the ancient capital of Israel and that it must remain undivided.

I wholeheartedly agree.  The only difference, of course, is that I am not lying about it.


  1. Nodding my head with everything said here, from you and the PM.

    My only hope is that all new building is done with pedestrianism, traditional design, cycling and public transportation foremost in mind, but that's just my own usual personal thing... ;)

    1. This is a tough one, Jay.

      For years I was in favor of dividing Jerusalem if that's what it took to end this conflict.

      It's not.

      Time and time and time again the Palestinians have told us, directly, that "Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea."

      We all know what that means and if that is the way that they feel they can have Ramallah as their capital.

      They've certainly earned it.

    2. It's up to Israelis to decide if they want to divide Jerusalem, is what I think. I trust they'll make the right call.

      If it were up to me, I'd tell Abbas and Company to go shit in the ocean. So-called "East Jerusalem" is yet another Palestinian fiction which I do not buy.

      If the price for a real peace involves dividing the city, however, I'd bite my tongue and trust Israel knew best. Although divided cities do not, and can not, work. I'll support Israel's ultimate final call either way.

  2. "JERUSALEM (AP) — Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said Monday during a visit to Jerusalem that the prospect of an Israel-Palestinian peace accord is “vanishing,” blaming Israeli settlement of the West Bank.

    Carter, a longtime critic of Israeli policies, called the current situation “catastrophic” and blamed Israel for the growing isolation of east Jerusalem from the West Bank. He said a Palestinian state has become “unviable.”

    “We’ve reached a crisis stage,” said Carter, 88. “The two-state solution is the only realistic path to peace and security for Israel and the Palestinians.”

    1. People like Carter and Obama and these "progressive Zionists" have got to stop spreading the racist lie that the Palestinians cannot have a state for themselves in peace next to Israel so long as Jews live, and thus build, in Judea and Samaria.

      This is the core problem with how this issue is approached.

      The western left has swallowed Palestinian anti-Jewish racism whole and they don't even know it.