Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Levick Announces BBC Watch

Mike L.

The blogroll on Israel Thrives is limited, but one site that is represented is CiF Watch.  CiF Watch and its managing editor, Adam Levick, do a terrific job of examining the discourse at the Guardian's Comment is Free blog.

This morning I received, along with a number of other pro-Israel / pro-Jewish bloggers, editors, and journalists a note from Mr. Levick that reads as follows:
Hi All, 
We, at CiF Watch, recently launched a sister site, BBC Watch, to hold the BBC accountable for accuracy in reporting on the Middle East. Please spread the word.

Slowly, but surely, the number of high quality pro-Israel / pro-Jewish blogs is beginning to grow and if BBC Watch (in association with CAMERA) turns out to be half as good as CiF Watch then it will certainly be worthwhile to add it to your daily reading list.
Its aim is to monitor BBC output on the subject of Israel with the object of ensuring adherence to the BBC’s own editorial guidelines and its legal obligation to provide accurate and impartial news, information and analysis to its funding public.

The BBC is the largest broadcasting organisation in the world today and also one of the most influential. However, the BBC’s coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict has long been a source of frustration to many, with severe criticism of its standards of accuracy and impartiality being voiced.
Check it out.

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