Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Mike L.

We lost electricity for about 18 hours and 3 separate flights back to California cancelled on us.

But, unless it snows tomorrow or there is an earthquake or if the Rapture happens, Laurie and I should be on a flight home tomorrow morning.

The storm killed around 40 people in the Caribbean and about 40 people in the United States.


  1. Or a Godzilla rampage. Because you never know these days. ;)

    Best of luck getting home in a few hours.

    My family up in NJ is without power until possibly Monday(!). Even my father's hospital went out, but they're running on backup generators.

    Around my way, the lights flickered a couple times last night but that was it. Never lost power, and the stormwater inlets didn't even back up.

    SEPTA has restored all subway, bus, trolley and El service except for two of its 121 bus lines. All 13 regional commuter rail lines will be back up and on normal schedules tomorrow. Some downed trees here and there, and a building down in Fishtown collapsed, but for the most part we got through it fine here in the city.

  2. Glad everyone is safe! In celebration, here is a GREAT article I found.

    "Two cheers for Colin Shindler in the New York Times, who calls out the anti-Zionist 'red-green' alliance between the Left and Islamists on its antisemitism masquerading as anti-Zionism. But the spillover of anti-Zionism into anti-semitism goes back to the 1920s, the rise of the Mufti of Jerusalem and the foundation of the Muslim Brotherhood, argues Lyn Julius in the Times of Israel. And rather than a colonial-settler state, Israel represents the national liberation of the region's dhimmi Jews, exploited and colonised for 14 centuries by Muslim conquerors....."

    Read the whole thing when you have time.