Sunday, October 21, 2012

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?


I'll be spending all day tomorrow at the annual conference of an organization whose food pantry I work with four days a month.

I'm particularly looking forward to the 'nutrition education' session, and being able to learn more about the limitations and logistics involved regarding being able to provide more fresh produce and whole grains to our clients.  I have some ideas on this I plan to bring up, but yeah they're going to cost a lot of money.  Which we don't have, and which sucks.

A real eye-opener, to say the least.


During my most recent day working there last week, I came across this article during an idle moment and thought it worth sharing.

Brill was tasked with finding a hospital that could perform a life-saving heart operation on a young Iraqi boy. He had a hole in his heart from a birth defect. Several Arab nations offered to perform the operation for a steep price. Israel, she said, would take him immediately and do it for free. 
The boy's mother wanted to save his life but feared she would be killed if it was discovered that they'd been in the Jewish state. Brill reassured the mother that it would all be kept secret. 
The boy was saved, but Brill later learned that the truth was discovered and his mother was murdered. "To this day, it haunts me," she said as her eyes teared and her voice grew momentarily weak. "Sometimes you make decisions that cost lives and sometimes you make decisions that save lives, and it is just constant in Iraq and Afghanistan. You can't believe that a person would murder a mother for saving her child."

Well clearly, you'd better not ever think of having Jews mend that broken heart in certain parts of the world.

I mean, for example, which self-respecting New Jerseyan wouldn't murder their neighbor who took their child to Pennsylvania for health care.  Right?  Oh, wait.

Don't call that savagery either, though.  That's just a revolutionary spirit.  Reminiscent of '76, and all that...


  1. Does no one care about the olive trees?

  2. All this just because Jews refused to accept Mohammed as the Prophet of Allah and thereby cease being Jews in the 7th century.

    That and the olive trees!

    Does no one care about the olive trees??