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Who's Next?


Time for some Tom Lehrer who is an old favourite of Che Gorilla.  He is concerned about that because he thinks it means he risks cult status. He didn't say who ran the risk.

Tom Lehrer was a mathematician who graduated with high honours from Harvard at age nineteen had a distinguished academic career did something mysterious for the National Security Agency in the mid fifties while serving in the US Army as a corporal and then became famous as a singer/song writer satirist before getting bored with it all at about the same time as the sixties counter culture got radical..

I doubt many have  heard of him now at least outside of the US. He does seem to evoke a distant age.

It would have been towards the end of his musical career when he wrote and performed this.

From his introduction Lehrer probably wrote the song in 1964 not long after the event depicted here. You can get a taste of the political climate of the time in under five minutes from just these two videos

Taste familiar?

It does if you are of a certain age.

Like a shit sandwich. Trust me with this.

Nuclear weapons are scary at the very best of times but they get a lot scarier when they are in a world where the chances of them being used are excellent. This should not be too difficult to understand.

The world was probably over the very worst of the nuclear war threat by 1964 but Red China was still not a nice place closer in tone to modern North Korea than modern China which is still not a very nice place but a damn sight better than it was which was still better than the Soviet Union at its worst however none of them are as bad as modern Iran. Only Nazi Germany which the Iranian regime openly admires and publicly seeks to emulate is as bad as modern Iran.  Arguably Iran is worse.

There will be a special place in  the chronicles of human evil when the horror of political Islam finally passes from the world for the way these men treat women. We are in the presence of the worst human rights outrage of our time and hardly a whisper from the left/liberal left. Nothing at all from the antizionist left. Not a single word.

Countries like Iran are at permanent war with themselves and with the outside because that is the way these men rule. Iran has not seen a day of peace since the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian people will not be allowed a day of peace until they are eventually able to free themselves from these vile men.

That is just one more reason why these these tormentors of the Iranian people must never have this weapon.

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