Monday, October 15, 2012

Latest Times of Israel Piece

Mike L.

Obama, the Brotherhood, and the American Jewish Left

In this one I point out that there is something fundamentally wrong with the fact that so many American Jews are supporting a president of the United States who, himself, supports the Muslim Brotherhood.

It simply makes no sense.

How can an American Jew support Obama when Obama supports the most anti-Semitic political party in the world today?

How can an American Jew support Obama when Obama supports an Egyptian political organization that tosses around the idea of conquering Jerusalem as if it was confetti?

What is it about the American Jewish left that would incline them to do so?


  1. This is what the internalization and propagation of contemporary intendedly genocidal anti-Jewish lies propagated even by Jewish so-called "Zionists" / "pro-Israelis" / "advocates for Israel" / etc. (such as, for example, David Hirsh... and Alan Dershowitz, etc... AND BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, ETC.) has wrought:

    This video is posted there, and commented on in text, as an exposition, by someone affiliated with the organization Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors.

    The following comment is by the person who posted this video there and who is affiliated with the organization Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors:

    "This video is posted on YouTube. It's called 'Occupy Birthright Israel, Un-Occupy Palestine.' I'm posting it on my VIMEO account so it won't get hits on YouTube. These idiots don't need any encouragement.

    "They came by their vile, self-hating stomach-churning stupidity honestly. From their rabbis, the major Jewish organizations, the media, their schools. Mostly, it is reflective of the failure to counter the fake and fraudulent narrative that is used even by the staunchest Zionists and pro-Israel supporters in America as well as Israel.

    "If you can endure watching this disgusting video all the way through, consider this: If the Palestinian narrative had not been accepted around the world, nobody would be calling for Justice for Arabs or Un-Occupy Arab land or demand that Israel give up half of the Jewish land to create another Arab state.

    "I would like to hope that these kids would someday be ashamed of themselves. But I doubt that they are capable of shame."

    Apparently, at least the person who posted this video there, on vimeo, and who wrote this accurate comment knows what's going on. There are always some few Jewish people who are sane and have at least normal levels of human intelligence. And they're always -- or always have been -- at the time, thought of as being insane and stupid by all of the other Jewish people at the time -- the insane stupid majority of the Jewish people at the time. And then, afterward, the sanest and most comprehending ones of those sane non-moronic Jewish people are forgotten, or libeled and vilified, and some of the more banal-minded of them are "worshiped" (lionized, commemorated) as "prophets" or "visionaries" by the subsequent Jewish majority who "worship" them without even understanding the basic common sense obvious-to-the-sane messages that were expressed by them.

    Stupidity is not a virtue. That is: stupidity is not beneficial. One who is stupid does wrong actions as a result of one's own lack of understanding. Wrong actions cause bad results. Right actions cause good results.

    Jewish people, in general, are literally stupid...and insane. Jewish people, in general, have a form of Asperger's syndrome, and a form of Stockholm Syndrome -- a form of Stockholm Syndrome which involves having exceeding egotism (in which one thinks, and wants to think, and is pre-occupied with thinking: "'We' are so moral [and, therein, and, moreover: I am so moral]."). Such Jewish people, therein, and as a result of that, are immoral. They do wrong actions which cause exceeding harm. This being despite, in general, their being exceedingly empathetic - just like other Jewish people, in general, are exceedingly empathetic (empathetic to harmful extreme degrees -- pathologically empathetic -- exceedingly empathetic and lacking being mindful).

    But telling one who has Asperger's syndrome and who has Stockholm syndrome and who is exceedingly egotistical (yet who is also exceedingly empathetic) that they have Asperger's syndrome and that they have Stockholm syndrome and that they are exceedingly egotistical and that they are doing wrong actions because of that is useless. So I digress.

    1. It was wrong of me to write the harsh writing that I wrote in my previous comments. The harsh writing that I wrote in my previous comments was wrong writing. I apologize for writing the harsh wrong writing that I wrote in my previous comments.

      However, I hope that the information that I listed in my previous comments may be beneficial.

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