Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Off-Topic Post


The truth that antizionism is the new antisemitism is no longer banned at Connexions, the blog of Methodist Minister Richard Hall.   Could this be the first sign of the tipping point that his pal and fellow blogger Kim talks of? The paradigm shift that he prays for? That we all pray for?

It is however off-topic.

And I'm still banned from the thread where it was on-topic for having brought the subject up in the first place.

geoffff 10.06.12 at 12:43 am
No because I never implied that <snip>…</snip>

[Richard adds: I beg to differ, but we can leave it at that. I've done you the favour of removing the rest of the comment. I'm sure you didn't mean to take the thread off-topic.]
So would you like to see the full off-topic comment?  Not just the first six words?

You've come to the right place.

No because I never implied that and I most certainly have not lied..
What I implied is that the very notion that by now in the present and now antizionism is just another form of antisemitism so shocked and offended you, was in fact so silly that you deleted my comment and refused to hear anything more from me on that active thread.
You enforce that to this day. I have the pastes to prove it. Which part of the word “ban” do you take exception?.
The thing is Richard I think that antizionism is at the very core of the new antisemitism that is sweeping across the globe like a tsunami and I intend to keep on saying so because as a secular human rights activist I believe it is right to speak this truth to power. .
To do so is to defend human rights. Everyone’s human rights including the poor bloody “Palestinians” nurtured in perpetual grievance and pointed at a foreign enemy by their real foreign oppressors who rule by deploying Nazi era racial hatred against the Jews.
Also the human rights of the Syrians. Look at the horrors ahead for those people. How does destroying the human rights of Israelis help them?
The human rights of the remaining Christians in Muslim lands. The ancient Christian communities from Iraq through Syria Lebanon Gaza, PA controlled Judea and Samaria and even Egypt are dwindling and starting to pass into history like the Jews before them. What about their rights?.
The human rights of the women.
I believe that the mantra of the left that antizionism is not antisemitism is wrong. Antizionism means something much much more than criticism of Israeli policies.
I think that antizionism is offensive. Ignorance can not explain it. It never does. It involves holding impossibly contradictory views about Israel and Jews that are straight from the shelves of history.. It is at the very core of the new antisemitism and that should scare you.

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