Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Residents: Obama uses Sderot as campaign tool

Mike L.
Residents, leaders of Gaza vicinity town accuse US president of using them as a 'winning card'  
Sderot residents and leaders dismissed President Barack Obama's reference to their town on Tuesday, accusing the leader of using them as a campaign tool.  
During the final US presidential debate on Monday, Obama alluded to his trip to Sderot as proof of his commitment to the Jewish state, dismissing a jab by Republican challenger Mitt Romney over the president's failure to travel to Israel after being elected.
Israelis don't much like Barack Obama because they see more clearly than anyone else the ways in which Obama has lied to them and how he has made their neighborhood a considerably more dangerous place than it was before.

It's fascinating to me the ways in which "progressive" Jews, who allegedly support Israel, will justify virtually anything the guy says or does up to, and including, helping to put a genocidally anti-Semitic organization into power in Egypt.

One need not wonder how it was that German Jews marched so dutifully into the camps because we can see a similar dynamic at work in the American Jewish community.  They're not going to march into any death camps, obviously... although I certainly believe that under the right circumstances they would... but they will pull the lever for the least friendly president toward the Jewish people and the Jewish state in American history, with the possible lone exception of Jimmy Carter.

There is no other ethnic minority in the United States that has so little self-respect that it would support a politician who holds them in such obvious contempt, a politician that whispers sweet nothings while stabbing us directly in the back.

Thank G-d for the Israelis because they have a sense of Jewish self-defense, an unflinching sense of Jewish pride, and they know a thing or two about the long history of Jewish abuse under the heal of Arab-Muslim imperialism.

"Progressive" American Jewry, for the most part, couldn't care less and is fully prepared, in their well-meaning myopia, to sell Israel straight down the river.

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