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These People Alone Are Different ...


An on-topic comment at the blog of our favourite British Methodist.

I though of adding  this is why I have come to think of the conspiracy theory* about the USS Liberty incident that rears its ugly head every few years and are part of the armoury of every antizionist and antisemitic preacher in the West as just another antisemitic slur along with the blood in the matzah.

*The theory that the attack on the US naval vessel on the fourth day of the Six Day War that it was monitoring was deliberate and that the US Government is covering up.

As if the IAF is the first air force in history to be involved in a friendly fire incident while at war. As if the USAF has never shot up its own side in the fog of war. As if  British war planes have never attacked one of their own warships while hunting another.

As if Israel is the only secular liberal democracy in history that would ever even contemplate attacking the navy of another liberal democracy even while at war let alone actually do it. Especially while at war and especially the United States Navy.  Not Canada. Not France or Britain. Not even Ireland or Iceland.

But Israel? Sure. They did it don't you know. There's something different about these people.

Those who take the trouble to contend in public or in private that the attack on the Liberty, alone of all the hundreds of such incidents that are part of every war, was anything than an accident of war should be regarded with some suspicion. What else do they believe?

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Earl is exactly right.
The war technology will keep on spiralling with all the genius of our kind until something in us has changed. With respect Richard I thought that was where your profession comes in.
Liberal democracies never choose war. This is proven by anyone who needs to even think about it by the fact that there has never been a war between them and that such a war is unthinkable.
Anyone come up with an example? How about the Cod Wars over fishing rights in Northern Europe forty or more years ago ? Remind me. Did anyone get hurt?
All it does is remind us how bloody stupid Europeans can get.
Liberal democracies hate war because people hate war. Secular liberal democracies never go to war unless they perceive no option. That was the case with Iraq (that we are now out of) and that was most certainly the case with Afghanistan that preceded it.
Wars are caused by bad leaders who rule by the force of hate ideologies that can be secular but are as likely to be the product of the religious mind. That is true now perhaps more than it has ever been.
Those who love peace will stand in firm dignity and speak the truth to these powerful men at every opportunity.
They will say calmly and firmly that there is nothing in God’s or human natural law that requires you to hate the Jews the way you teach your people to. There is nothing there that requires you to hate Christians the way you show you do whenever you have the power.
There is nothing there that says this world should not be shared among us all in mutual tolerance and respect and above all in peace.
Those who love peace do not however attack the very legitimacy of those who are attacked. Especially when they are armed to the teeth.
Above all they do not blame the hated for the hatred especially you would wish if they are Christians. It’s been two thousand years now and that message should have been absorbed. After all Jesus put it as articulately as anyone in history.

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