Sunday, October 7, 2012

Firedoglake is Nazi filth.


In a putrid display of orgiastic glee, Firedoglake poster markfromireland put up a thread entitled Surprise!, celebrating today's drone attack on Israel.  mark and about a dozen other miscreants wallow in bloodlust as they giddily anticipate Israel's demise.  It's so over the top as to be not worth excerpting.  But it's sure worth reading as an example of how low some on the left have sunk.

(Firedoglake is one of the many 2L4O or "Too Left for Obama" sites that have sprung up in outraged reaction to his Republican-like war, drone, civil liberties, economic and other policies.  Some are legitimate opinion sites.)

Much worse sites than kos exist.  This one is right up (or down) there with Stormfront and National Vanguard.

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  1. It's definitely true that much worse sites exist than dkos.

    No doubt about it.

    If you read the brothers over at HuffPost Watch you will see progressive-left Jew hatred at its most raw.


  2. We're all looking in one direction and soon to get a sucker punch from the other direction.
    Here is a heads up.
    Lemmings.....At the Precipice of WW III

  3. Nazi filth? I think this is inappropriate. It trivializes what Nazis are and were. Disagree with these folks, but there is no need to exhort to this manner of demonization.

    1. I think that your admonition is well-taken, School, but it does raise the question of just what a "Nazi" is.

      When we think about the Nazis we think about Hitler's political party and we think about the Holocaust.

      The truth, of course, is that long before the Nazis laid a finger on a lock of Jewish hair they dehumanized and delegitimized the Jewish people and that is precisely what some on the progressive-left are doing.

      To my mind this means that those who are doing so are the current manifestation of the Nazi mentality viz-a-viz the Jews.

      What the firedog lake person is doing is normalizing attacks against Jews and making light of these attacks. He is smirking at violence toward our fellow Jews in Israel.

      Is he a "Nazi"?

      Not in any formal sense, of course, but he might as well be.

    2. Too far a leap to me. There are so many other labels that can be used to make the point, but this detracts from it.

    3. Maybe so, and I'll have to rethink my gut reaction. But to see a gaggle of alleged "left" commenters practially drooling at the mouth for a war against Israel is disgusting and unnerving.

    4. What they are doing is precisely the kind of thing that the Nazis did prior to the Final Solution.

      That's why progressive-left anti-Zionism is so malicious.

      In the name of "human rights" and "social justice" (no less) they are promoting the same kind of hatred that we see every generation.

      It's not every generation where we see a Holocaust, but it is every generation where we are demeaned and dehumanized by idealists.

  4. Yes, call them "a gaggle of alleged "left" commenters practially drooling at the mouth for a war against Israel." That is more accurate.

    As for what the Nazis did before the Final Solution, that is not different than a bunch of other Jew haters, past, present and future. However, Nazis engaged in the Final Solution and that is what differentiates them from this "gaggle of alleged "left" commenters practially drooling at the mouth for a war against Israel."

    1. Well, that's true enough, School.

      These progressives (pretending to be liberals) are not about to start dragging Jews off to the ovens.

      What they do is justify Muslim violence against us. For 1,300 years Arab-Muslims kicked our ass in the Middle East, thus keeping our numbers artificially small, and now western progressives tell us that we deserve the violence.

      And progressive-left Jews denounce anyone who speaks out against that violence.

      Now, tell me, just how fucked up is that?

    2. Pretty much. Sorry I did not respond earlier, but was away for most of the day.