Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Arabs Incite Hatred Toward Jews, Progressives Lap it Up Like Cream

Mike L.
Pallywood: Crying Blond Arab Girl Resurfaces
By Gil Ronen

Arabs in Judea and Samaria have brought soldier-baiting for propaganda to the degree of art, video shows.

A video that has been uploaded to Youtube shows how Arabs in Judea and Samaria abuse their own children and manipulate unwitting Israeli soldiers in order to manufacture photographs that can be used for propaganda purposes.

The case in point is a situation that appears to have been masterfully directed by an unknown propagandist, starring a girl who was successfully used for the same purpose three months earlier...

The girl was obviously instructed to "get in the faces" of the soldiers, and spent a considerable amount of time cursing them, shouting herself hoarse and hitting them on occasion as well. At the same time, adults all around her were taping the occurrences, waiting for a soldier to lose his nerve.

This is "Pallywood" and it amounts to little more than an attempt at the blood-libel.  That's why the cameras are all over the place.  They are hoping to get a reaction from the soldiers which they can then broadcast around the world for the purpose of vilifying the lone, sole Jewish state.

Also, of course, notice that they are using a little blonde girl in their attempt to demean and degrade that country.  The presumption is that a western audience would be more sympathetic to a little blonde girl.

If "Pallywood" and the blood-libel mean anything, it means endeavoring to get other people to despise Jews, or at least the Jewish state, which is exactly what this is about.

What kind of militaristic, jack-booted, "occupation forces" allow themselves to be abused like this?

This is an attempt to create hatred toward the Jewish state of Israel, and thus Jews more generally, and it is very definitely effective among malicious progressive-left hypocrites.


  1. Of course, they wouldn't dare try this in any of Israel's neighbors, would they?

    1. Nope.

      It's a pretty sick dynamic, Jay.

      Israel is a militarized society because the surrounding Arab majority is both racist and exceedingly violent toward Jewish minority, and have been for 1,400 years.

      Now, in order to play on the sympathies of well-meaning, but ignorant, westerners they send out little blonde waifs to confront the soldiers in order to make us look bad and thereby erode support for Jewish self-defense and sovereignty on Jewish land.

      This is about as evil and cynical as evil and cynical get.

    2. Excellent summary. Says it all, sadly.

  2. Child abuse pure and simple. Whoever thought up this crap needs to be jailed for putting kids in harm's way.

  3. In other, totally off-topic news, the doctor told me today that the mutant infection which was partying in my throat for the past two weeks is finally gone now, but that I need to up my fluid intake. So I bought a six-pack of Sly Fox Pikeland Pils on the way home.

    Doctor's orders, come on now! How can I say no?


    To watch election results. Tomorrow I'll be healthy again, I promise. Heh.

    1. Something seems to be going around here in No Cal.

      Half of our friends have come down with strep and Laurie is not feeling so great, either.

      Of course, me? I almost never get sick.

      I seem to be constitutionally incapable of it.

      {Famous last words!}

    2. Same here, for the most part. I only get sick once every other year or thereabouts, but when I do get sick... oh man do I get sick!

      It's like I save it all up and throw a Cold From Hell Blowout Party every 28 months or so.

      So yeah, beware! I think this winter may be bad for me though, have to get used to the northeastern climate again after all those mild Portland 'winters.'

  4. So is Little Blondie a gen u wine Palestinian, or a Nordic import?

    1. Her boyfriend is a Lebanese wannabe communist Hizbullah superhero, or something like that, apparently.

      Child abuse 'r us.