Sunday, November 25, 2012

"I Want to Fire Missiles at the Jews and be Martyred Like My Father."

Mike L.

This is not about ending the so-called "occupation."

This is about Koranically-based, genocidal Jew hatred and it is precisely the kind of thing that the progressive movement constantly ignores.

No matter how often, and how intensely, these Middle Eastern Jihadi-types tell us about their desire for martyrdom in the service of killing Jews, progressives honestly believe if we say, "Hey, look, they're calling for the genocide of the Jews" it makes us racist.


  1. Sick mentality. Abuse of children.

    Yet people will draw equivalencies no matter what, and deny that to the victim these acts are a very real threat.

    It seems that caring about offending is a selective exercise.

  2. That's because facing the truth would destroy the progressive narratives around victims. One misstep and THEY might get accused of being racist or Islamophobes and they would not like to lose their perceived high ground and ability to level that charge willy nilly against any perceived enemy. It's one reason I've come to depise so called progressives; their bludgeoning ideological hypocrisy.

  3. Hey! You used a 'right-wing source.' What are you, deranged or something, buddy?!




    "Bludgeoning Ideological Hypocrisy" could be a pretty cool album title, but is probably just a bit far out there for a band name at the moment.

    1. Y'know, it's funny, Jay.

      When did "left" and "right" switch meanings on foreign policy without anyone telling me?

      I mean, when I was but a tiny Zionist, we believed that universal human rights was a left-wing value, but now, with no warning whatsoever, the left supports the most hard-core conservative movement in the world today allegedly as a matter of "democracy," despite the fact that the movement, itself, has no interest in democracy.

      Muhammed Morsi is no democrat, obviously, yet the western left supports the Arab Spring which is really the Islamist Winter.

      Our criticisms, here, of the Obama administration are criticisms coming from his left, not his right.

      I am, in fact, fully consistent with my liberalism. I support gay marriage, a woman's right to choose, a tax code favorable to the poor and middle class and I oppose the obvious human rights abuses of the Islamist countries coming to surround Israel.

      And, yet, they say that I am "right-wing."

      What horrendous nonsense. It is they, not me, who are supporting a movement that is as right-wing as right-wing gets. There is nothing liberal or left-wing about radical Islam. There is nothing liberal or left-wing about oppressing women, killing gays, and demanding the genocide of the Jews while driving non-Muslims out of the Middle East.

      This is precisely what progressives and Democrats support when they support, as Obama does, the rise of radical Islam under the guise of democracy.