Monday, November 12, 2012

Some More Reminders


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  1. "Why Do (Some) Westerners Have So Great an Appetite for Palestinian Lethal Narratives About Israel?

    Reflections on Moral Schadenfreude and Replacement Theology

    Since the outbreak of the Oslo Intifada (October 2000), the world has been flooded with horrifying images and stories about Israel that have entered the information system largely as news, despite the extensive evidence that many of these accusations are manipulated if not actually staged. Nidra Poller has dubbed these stories “lethal narratives“; David Hirsh has called them the “Livingstone Formulation.” They emphasize Israel’s malicious, malevolent intent, their deliberate desire to kill innocent civilians, especially children. As such, I and others consider them the 21st century avatar of blood libels....."

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  2. Here's a question:

    What is the progressive-left argument for supporting political Islam?

    The Obama administration supported the Muslim Brotherhood which is the foremost Islamist organization in the world today.

    This can only mean that the Democratic party, which Obama leads, favors supporting political Islam (aka radical Islam) and, yet, I've never read any explicit argument in favor of the genocide of the Jews or the oppression of women or the murder of Gay people from people associated with the Democratic party or the progressive movement.

    There is a very strange and very gaping disconnect here.

    And there is nothing but silence on the issue.

    How odd.

    btw, Doodad, Richard Landes is absolutely brilliant.

    That piece needs to be read by as many people as possible.

  3. Agreed. In the meantime how is the average Israeli on the ground handling this? Not like a lefty for sure....

    Earlier in the day I asked 7 random people at a coffee shop in Herziliya Pituach what they felt should be done. As you know, Herziliya Pituach is not known as a place for extreme, rightwing, militants. I must add that all 7 of these people; 5 men and 2 women, were not religious Jews. With that background, here are their answers:

    1) "Give them a 2 hour warning and then bomb the heck out of Gaza."

    2) "Nuke them. If a million die, that's not my problem."

    3) "Send in the army with all its might and end this problem once and for all."

    4) "Bomb them day and night." (This women didn't agree with the 2 hour warning of the first guy)

    5) "Bomb the people responsible". I then explained to this fellow that "the people responsible" hide among children, schools and hospitals and that a proper military strike will kill many innocent civilians, especially children. His answer was, "That's OK with me."

    6) "If we truly have the nuclear bomb, now is the time to use it since it will solve the Gaza problem and also send a strong message to Iran."

    7) "Send in the air force and let them drop bombs until they have nobody left to bomb."

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  4. My two pennyworth is



    1. Jeez, Shirl.

      Don't pussyfoot around the issue.

      Tell us what you really think!