Saturday, November 24, 2012

Israel eases Gaza border restrictions after truce

Mike L. 
Israeli state officials on Saturday confirmed that Israel has started introducing easements for civilians in Gaza in accordance with the ceasefire understandings.  
Meanwhile, Hamas' Deputy Politburo chief Mousa Abu Marzook said Hamas won't stop making weapons in Gaza or smuggling them to the territory.
 So, let me get this straight.

Hamas pounds southern Israel with over 800 rockets during the course of the year and the entire world is silent.

Then, as of a few weeks a go, they step up those attack with several hundred rocket attacks over the course of a few days prompting Israel to finally respond.

As soon as Israel responds to protect its citizenry the progressive-left screams from the hilltops about Israeli aggression and the Obama administration steps in to protect Hamas and to reward it for its violence with an easing of the blockade?

Yes, Obama is clearly Israel's Best Friend Forever.

Who could possibly doubt it?

He's the first Jewish president, after all.

What does he need to do to show his friendship to Israel, join the IDF?



  1. This game they are playing with the Morsi regime is feeding the ideology. Any concession is a victory.

    BTW Morsi is now Pharoah. It's a new title. He has just removed the judicial wing as a branch of government ---

    Did you miss that? You must have blinked. It didn't occur to him to mention it to Clinton while she was in town.

    He must really despise her. Can you imagine what they say among themselves about this American woman as a leader of men?

    Like a dog walking on its hind legs.

    I'm so sorry about the ape messing up your site Mike

    I'm going to try another angle with that type of post

    1. No worries.

      I hope that you re-post it, Geoffff.