Monday, November 26, 2012

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Mike L.

Obama Has Hamas’ Back

We have to acknowledge something that may be exceedingly discomforting to many of us.  The Obama administration is friendly toward radical Islam.

What they call the "Arab Spring" is / was the rise of radical Islam and the Obama administration supported the Arab Spring.  This by logical necessity means that, whatever his best intentions, Obama supported the rise of radical Islam throughout the Middle East.

Furthermore, what we saw in this most recent round of anti-Jewish violence in the Middle East was Hamas attack Israel all year long with virtually no Israeli response and with the silent consent of the world community.  As soon as Israel struck back the progressive-left howled in outrage and the Obama administration rode to the rescue of Hamas.

Thus Obama has Hamas' back, not Israel's.

I don't make this stuff up.  I just report the news.


  1. Can't agree with this. Obama is trying to find a way, and seems to think he can outwit the Islamists and somehow civilize them away from their radical intentions, but his formula may result in the exact opposite, and encourage them to act with impunity.

    That does not make him a friend, but it does make him ineffective.

    1. Fair enough, I suppose.

      When I say that Obama supports radical Islam I do not mean to suggest that he actually knows what he's doing.

      I am not one of those who thinks that Obama is a stealth Jihadi.

      It's just crystal to me that when someone helps usher the Brotherhood into power in Egypt, and saves Hamas' ass, and tells the world that the Arab Spring is the great upwelling of Arab democracy, then that someone is supporting radical Islam.

      I don't know that is his intention, just his behavior and effect.

    2. I think what I described typifies his approach to Republicans, as well.

      That is one think that irks about the progressives. They think they are smarter. If the world worked only on theory, I suppose they are.

      As for him being a stealth Jihadist, that is much more than being a mere friend, but already where the main piece occurs one has called him a Muslim. In such an environment, how can anyone expect to find solutions?

    3. I think he is a Jihadist. And there's no real stealth involved, just a refusal to admit what's in plain view.

    4. Interesting.

      Y'know, I was on a blog some time ago wherein some commenter called Obama a Muslim. I hate when they do that because it is no more up to some random conservative commenter to decide that Obama's a Muslim any more than "progressive Zionists" get to conclude that I am a Republican.

      The main point, tho, is that the map of the Middle East is turning Islamist with the assistance of this president.

      That's the main thing.

      That and the fact that he saved Hamas from the tender mercies of the IDF.

      Do you disagree?

    5. The answer is whether or not a different result would have occurred, and I cannot say with certainty.

      I think the right approach was taken with Hamas. Degrade the major weapons, test out the defense mechanisms, and show how much you adhere to principles of humanitarian law.

      In contrast, expose the lengths the brave leaders of Hamas will go to attack civilians as they hide behind their own, not to mention Pallywood.

      The Palestinian schtick is losing legitimacy and the world may be losing patience.

      The matter of the larger conflict, where Israel symbolizes the West, will continue in the Middle East and elsewhere, but even on this front eyes are opening about where things are headed.

    6. As for Obama being a Jihadist, that is nonsense, and it does nothing to further discourse in the matter.

    7. Same here, I've never bought into the idea that Obama is a Muslim. If he sympathizes with the Islamic agenda, then that need not be because he is a Muslim, for, as any true-red Progressive site shows, today's Marxists are aligned with Islamic jihadism as a substitute for the departed generator of political violence they used to rely on, the U.S.S.R.

      In fact, Obama's foreign policy is very much a continuation of Bush the Younger's, with the idea that democratization could somehow defuse Islamic radicalism (while in reality it enables its rise to power). Bush was simply naive; Obama may or may not be naive, but the result is the same. A lot of people on either side of the map think Islamic imperialism could be defused by acts of kindness (often on Israel's expense). In this, the motley crew at DKos are no different from the Buchananite Right (the Ron Paul brigades).

    8. Well, I guess I'll switch to my inside voice for awhile. ;)(

    9. Nah, I wouldn't take it too hard, Randall... for my part, although I don't think Obama is a Muslim, I don't consider it a wild conspiracy theory. I just don't think there's enough proof, and that, while his sympathy with the Islamic agenda is undeniable, this is just as well explained by him being a Marxist.

      Incidentally, a few days back, someone called me a conspiracy nut for believing Obama to be, not a Muslim, but a Marxist! So I sez to this self-righteous p***k, "Alright, I'm going to say Obama is a Reaganesque fiscal conservative to please you, huh? No, I don't think so." The term "conspiracy theorist" is flung too readily these days. Yeah, there are theories without sufficient proof, but if you REALLY want to know what a conspiracy is, take a look at Rense, the conspiracy theory emporium that also happened to be linked to on a recent DKos anti-Israel thread.

      Once again, whether Obama is acting out of jihad-loving malice or Bush-like naivete, the result is the same, so this debate about his motives isn't very important practically speaking, IMNSHO.

  2. Interestingly, my comment over there has yet to arrive, though made before some others. I hope they are not censoring, but it's just a lag.

    What I said:

    It is established that the Leftists cannot be counted on. I may be in the minority, but see Hamas coming out of this in a weakened position.

    Israel enjoyed unusual international support from this episode, from the US, the EU and others.

    The opening is there to expose the war crimes of Hamas and the complicity of the media to be sucked into the bash Israel mode that increases profits, but people see with their eyes what goes on, and the disconnect between what many tell us and what we see grows.

  3. Randall,

    I have to agree with School. Obama is not a Jihadi.

    What he is is a progressive ideologue who honestly believes that if only we were nicer the Jihadis would be nicer to us.

    This does not make him a Jihadi, but perhaps we might say, "The Accidental Jihadi."

    In any case, the guy is not nearly so intelligent as they keep telling us that he is.

    Certainly Morsi has the guy's number.

  4. Next in line?

    "Jordan and King Abdullah appear to be next on the Islamist hit list. And the Obama administration seems to be sending signals that it tacitly approves.

    Jordan has been at a tipping point for quite some time, partly because it's a U.S client state (which doesn't sit well with a significant part of its population whom consider King Abdullah an American tool) and partly because of its peculiar history and tribal aspect.

    There have been protests with Muslim Brotherhood participation for two years now, but the most recent outbursts were large riots across the Kingdom that spread across the Kingdom and called openly for King Abdullah's ouster. In spite of brutal suppression by the King's security police and numerous arrests, the unrest, referred to as the "The November Intifada" is only growing.

    Adding to the turmoil were remarks on November 19th by Deputy State Department Spokesman Mark Toner, who stated at a press conference that there was "thirst for change" in Jordan and that the Jordanian people had "economic, political concerns," as well as "aspirations." Needless to say, this sent a clear signal to King Abdullah's foes and to America's remaining allies in the region that just like Egypt's Mubarak, the Obama Administration is willing to cut Abdullah loose in favor of an Islamist regime."

    IF Obama hangs Jordan out to dry and the Islamists get in, I'm joining the Obama as jihadist bandwagon. Just sayin'