Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daily Kos Comment of the Day

Mike L. 
We should recall OUR ambassador (2+ / 0-)  
and make our displeasure very clear. We do not approve of naked Israeli aggression.  
How many innocent people will they kill this time?  
by sporks on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 03:42:39 PM PST
I tell ya, the anti-racist left is just crawling with racists.

This guy literally thinks that it's open season on Jews and that if Jewish people hit back it's "naked Israeli aggression."

Violence against Jews always brings out the hatred toward Jews.

Paul Berman noted that it was during the height of the Second Terror War (intifada), when Israel experienced the equivalent of a 9/11 every 2 weeks for several years, that progressive-left anti-Jewish sadism reached a pitch of hysteria.


  1. The reactions by Kossacks as always are almost all against Israel as if she is supposed to let terrorists rockets terrorize her citizenry forever and a day and then ask for more. Fuck those idiots. Anyone with a brain or a conscience and especially anyone who considers themselves pro-I should run from that site and those people as fast as they can.

    Supporting that racist swamp with even ONE post makes you part of the problem rather than the solution.

  2. It gets even 'better' from that drooling simpleton further down the thread.

    "50 years of ethnic cleansing."

    We tell ourselves stories in order to hate...

    Good ole' Daily Kos. Good to know some things never change.

    1. And why am I not surprised that long-time Daily Kos neo-Nazi Diane Gee likes that comment?

  3. I tend to think of dkos as more or less representative of the progressive grassroots.

    People have told me that dkos is not representative of much of anything, but is representative only of itself.

    I disagree.

    I would say that it does represent the progressive grassroots / netroots and when you add the HuffPost and the Guardian to the mix you get a pretty good idea of what the activist left is thinking.

    That's the only real reason to follow these guys, it seems to me. This despite the fact that dkos does seem to be rather a shadow of its former self.

    I don't read the front page, so I don't have a great sense of general participation, but I suspect that Daily Kos is dying.

    Or so one can hope.

    1. I haven't read the front page in about a year, since I was kicked out of there for not loving terrorists enough and for having the gall to call antisemites what they are. Occasionally I'll do a tag search just to see what's going on, and confirm that nothing has changed.

      Just went and quickly looked at the recent diaries list, and the 'rec list.' Yeah, I'd bet anything that the place is way off its peak of days past. The recent list is pretty much a string of diaries with just a handful of recs and less than a dozen comments, while the rec list appears to be a mere shell of its former self as well. I remember regularly seeing numerous diaries on the rec list with, say, 500 comments and 300 recs at any given time two or three years ago, whereas only 3 of the 12 on the list right now top 200 comments, and two of those just barely top that.

      Perhaps coddling bigots wasn't the best long-term business strategy.

    2. Six threads on Operation Pillar of Cloud on DailyKKKos as of this writing, as compared with zero on the 100+ rockets lobbed on pre-1967 Israel right before that.

      Next to reading minds, this is the best view one can have as to where their hearts are.

      Mike L.: "I tend to think of dkos as more or less representative of the progressive grassroots. People have told me that dkos is not representative of much of anything, but is representative only of itself. I disagree."

      I once used to think DKos was moderate because of its mission, "Getting Democrats elected," which implies image-consciousness and therefore a desire to keep a moderate appearance. I usually recommended Common Dreams and Mound o’ Scheiss as pointers to current Far Leftist thinking. Even so, the denizens of DKos can reliably be expected to become unglued when Israel embarks on an operation like this, and here's the proof.

    3. Heathlander has a piece up suggesting Israeli aggression.

      Israeli newspaper: Israel attacked Gaza knowing truce was in the works

      At this point I would say that many of the denizens there are the current iteration of Nazism.

      That is, they fulfill the same role that the Nazis filled toward the Jews.

      They are not at the stage where they would, themselves, commit violence, they merely justify Arab-Muslim violence toward Jews.

      We have got to get it through our thick skulls that not only is there an element within the Democratic party, and throughout the progressive-left more generally, that represents a form of genocidal Jew Hatred, but that this element is welcome at the broader table.

      The Democratic Party and the progressive movement must be held accountable for whom they include in their coalition. If they include anti-Semitic anti-Zionists and callous Jew Haters then we have every right to point it out to others and to make them pay for their vile associations.

  4. "for not loving terrorists enough" LMAO

    But SOOOOOOOOO true!

    1. Yeah, Doodad. We both sure know there are 'rules' one must play by there, if one is to be accepted and given pats on the head by 'Good Progressives.'

      I'm very proud to be amongst those who told them to shove their 'rules' where the sun don't shine. But at least they still have some cred with the Stormfront crowd, is all that matters to some of their admins I guess.

      It's quite instructive to find out that I was a troublemaker they'd rather not have around, while a front-pager like Joan McCarter praising 'commissions' run by an antisemitic 9-11 tr00fer is totally fine.

      Unlike one sniveling pussy I know, I had enough self-respect to walk away the first time I figured out something was seriously wrong there.

  5. Five diaries today so far (another sign that site is dying - there would have been twenty a year ago) at Daily Kos under the Israel tag.

    Which one was most rec'ed?

    Why, the one from Hamas apologist heathlander! Who is best known for saying that he's in favor of Hezbollah obtaining nuclear weapons. Daily Kos, ladies and gentlemen...

    1. Oops, correction - I believe that was sortalikenathan, aka nuclear nate, who was in favor of Hezbollah nukes, but the ultimate point still stands. And those two are thick as thieves there, anyway.

      Daily Kos' Most Valuable I-P analyst right now is the guy who loves Hamas most.