Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We Either Stand Up or We Lay Down and Die

And the truth of the matter is that their violence and hostility is not our fault.


  1. Operation Pillar of Defence has started. 20 underground sites housing long-range launchers capable of striking Tel Aviv have been hit and a major Hamas terrorist leader assassinated.

    Egypt immediately condemned the strikes and called for a halt. No doubt they will joined by all the other morons soon who think terrorists can just do it forever with impunity.

    Think again morons. You are lucky you got as much restraint as you did so far.

  2. I find it quite amusing that there has been not a single diary about the rocket attacks on the DailyKKKos Israel tag for all these days and over hundred rockets, while a diary on Israel's retaliation has almost instantaneously been launched.

    1. Hey, we haven't seen you in a dog's age.

      It actually represents a pretty good example of how progressive-left Jewry is entirely messed up. Over the course of a few days 150 - 200 rockets detonate in southern Israel and the American Jewish left is silent.

      As soon as Israel retaliates only then do they pick up the pen.

      Anyway, I want to see you around here more often.

      I could use your help.

    2. Yeah, I've been rationing my time, I don't post on a tenth of the websites I once regularly used to post on.

      Even if a thread on the rocket barrage on Israel had been opened, there'd be little sympathy with Israel's situation on it. Likely an exercise in moral algebra ("A lot more Arabs are killed in one IDF strike than..."), a call to return to negotiations, an "open air prison" reference, maybe even something more offensive, such as the crowning glory by Jon the Anti-Zionist Jew long ago, when he helpfully remarked that Sderot is situated "on the ethnically cleansed Arab village of Najd" (and therefore the rockets on Sderot are... c'mon, it's not hard to figure it out).

      I hope I'll have time to post here more often. Maybe now that I'm done America-watching, I'll be more attentive to things in my country. Though, I tend to retreat from Israeli affairs from time to time because they often fill me with impotent rage, which is unhealthy.

    3. Yep.

      Though, I tend to retreat from Israeli affairs from time to time because they often fill me with impotent rage, which is unhealthy.

      Oh, you can be sure that I understand, mister.

  3. Comment from Harry's Place

    "All of you should have a look at this picture of the dead terorists car
    Do you have any idea how much it has taken to make a missile that only causes this tiny amount of damage? The precision and mass/velocity/design of the kinetic vehicle and warhead are awe inspiring.
    If they had used a conventional Hellfire round there would be a crater 6 feet in diameter and 6 foot deep. Instead the headlights have survived.
    Anyone who states that the IDF use indiscriminate force can fuck off."

    Harry's Place

  4. Greenfield, tough he can get a bit to rabid for my tastes, wrote an interesting piece about the Jewish vote, where he said:

    The Liberal Jew was a product of that melting pot which stripped him of his cultural identity and his religion, leaving behind a hole that he filled with the messianism of liberal politics. The graduates of the melting pot were economically successful and well educated, but they had lost their sense of self. Looking for that sense of self, they became devout attendees of progressive politics, filling the hole with bitter greenie humor that poked fun at everything, especially themselves.

    American Jewish identity became liberal identity, and the massive cultural hole was filled with humor which has found its natural end in the degraded vaudeville of Woody Allen and Larry David or the bitter frustrations of a Philip Roth. The trinity of FDR, JFK and Obama became their faith and their identity became a series of in-jokes about eating Chinese food on Christmas. Like the Spanish Jewish Conversos, they had a secret identity but they no longer knew what the secret was.

    This second wave of immigration would define American Jewish identity. It is the invariable focus of American Jewish literature and the PBS specials on the American Jewish journey that run before major Jewish holidays. It is also on the way out for the simple reason that such an identity is in no shape to be passed on to the next generation. The copying errors of cultural DNA in such bad shape mean that each generation ends up knowing less about who it is than the last one. And that means each generation is also less likely to be Jewish and more likely to be liberal.


    I think he hits on something when we examine the progressives that are beholden to political philosophy above all else. It certainly describes a place from which I have traveled.