Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pnina Has Some Words

Mike L.

I came across this comment, and some others almost as interesting from "Pnina" under a Barry Rubin article entitled, So You Want to End the Israel-Hamas War? Here’s How To Do It

Perhaps I am being hasty because it's getting late and I'm just feeling drained, but I find this comment by an exceedingly intelligent Israeli worthy of consideration.  It certainly reveals a hard and immediate grasp of a vital and terrible moment.



Oh, they (the west - editor's note) are strong enough to bully us. The minute one person has something you need for survival and he tells you he’ll deny it from you unless you do as you’re told you’re in his hands. Until we’re able to very significantly reduce our dependence there will be no solution.

You say (emphasis mine), “Canada is strong in its support, at least for now, under Harper.” You can see for yourself how fragile it is. Harper is in his second term, it’ll only be a couple of years before he’s gone. If the left will be elected next Canada will have the same stand as the Euros. Even if the conservatives are elected the PM might not be as pro-Israel or pro-truth as Harper. But either way Canada is not that important to our survival. The US is. The next American president may be very different from Obama, but like Harper, it would be temporary. American alliances seem to be a partisan matter now. The right wishes to preserve the US traditional allies and the left wishes to ally with the Muslims, the socialist and communist regimes and perhaps the Russians, or at the very least be neutral. And not even all conservatives support Israel. If Ron Paul is elected we’ll be deader than with Obama.

The basic problem is that we need the US for weapons, and our economy depends on the European export markets. The European markets have shrunk anyway because of the recession. If the EU decides to implement sanctions against us it’s hard to see how we can survive that at present. The fact both the EU and US are weakening leads to the same conclusion. If we depend on you we’ll go down with you. Of course, you may still recover and prevent your downfall, but that will require considerable traumas, strong enough for the majority of people to wake up from the Matrix-like virtual reality imposed by the cultural elites. That happens very slowly while developments in the Middle East are happening very quickly nowadays. You may survive your belated recognition of reality, but we’re on the front line.

We have this absurd situation where a genocidal jihadist government in Gaza, one that openly declared its goals to be the destruction of Israel and killing the Jews in general (see Hamas charter, TV, educational system and Arabic speeches), intentionally targets civilian populations in Israel, firing from within civilian populations in Gaza, and it’s Israel that is demanded to protect the Gazan civilians even at the expense of our own civilians, and that’s held responsible for the inevitable Gazan casualties. Isn’t the government supposed to protect its own citizens? Isn’t that the first duty of the government? Isn’t the first thing to do to achieve this protection is to NOT fire from the midst of your own civilian population and NOT use civilian infrastructure for military purposes? Why isn’t Hamas held responsible? Why should I live and die under constant barrages of rockets to protect the Gazans from their own government? One to which, BTW, they gave a majority in parliament. In the last 10 minutes I had to run for shelter 3 times. How can a country function like this for prolonged periods? If we don’t stop the rockets we’d collapse.

Any effective self defense will cause many civilian casualties in Gaza because Hamas uses civilians as human sheilds, so we’re not allowed effective self defense at pains of isolation, which means starving our economy and denying us military equipment – either die slowly or die quickly, our “allies” tell us. Hamas is a monster and its tactics work because the West is a monster too. They don’t pressure Hamas with the leverages they have. They demand us to continue be sitting ducks, and they forbid us to try and prevent Iran from going nuclear. You will eventually murder us while pretending to be our allies. We must find alternatives fast. This should be a priority as high as the Iranian nukes because the West is not less lethal, just more hypocritical. As long as all our eggs are in one treacherous basket we might as well start writing our obituary.

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Chilling. - Mike

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