Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another War Begins

Mike L. 
Iron Dome intercepts 13 Gaza rockets; 6 land near Beersheba

Terrorists from the Gaza Strip renewed their rocket-fire on southern Israel following the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense Wednesday night, which struck terrorist targets in the Palestinian enclave.

The Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted 17 rockets, most of which were Grad rockets launched toward Beersheba. According to Police, a total of 55 projectiles were fired during the course of the evening.


  1. So far, btw, the US press seems barely cognizant that a war, or something quite like a war, has begun between Israel and Gaza.

    The New York Times is probably closest to recognizing what is going on, but (needless to say) gives us a headline that suggests Israeli aggression:

    Military Chief of Hamas Slain in Wide Israeli Attack on Gaza

    The headline should have read something like:

    IDF Retaliates after Hundreds of Rockets Hit Southern Israel

    1. We can do without the attention. In fact, I think we'd be better off without the attention. A world that doesn't pay attention to our situation is also one that doesn't condemn our self-defense, nor worse, tries to secure its Arab oil interests by paying with the Jewish nation's possessions.

      As for the rocket range, the reason why Israeli ground units were just posted near the Gaza border is to be able to retaliate immediately in case of rocket fire on the Tel-Aviv region. The map doesn't show this, but Hamas now has Iranian-made Fajr 5 rockets with a range of 75 km (nearly 50 miles), putting Israel's Center region in reach.

    2. Thank you. God bless America.

    3. The world ignores most of these situations, so it is apt they ignore this one and allow Israel what they allow most other states.

      When the world catches on, however, and the condemnation begins, it will be interesting to see who stands where.

  2. David Harris Gershon (aka, The Troubadour) at dkos has a "diary" entitled "Obama's First Second-Term Foreign Policy Test as Israel Escalates War."

    Israel Escalates War.

    This guy claims to be a supporter of Israel and, yet, after almost 200 rockets slam into Israel, traumatizing the entire southern half of the country, and Israel thus retaliates, it means that Israel is "escalating" the war.

    This is just sick. He's blaming Israel for a war that it didn't start because that country has the cajones to fight back against never-ending Arab-Muslim violence toward it. I do not know that I believe in "evil," but if there is such a thing it surely looks like the faux-humanitarianism that we often see coming out of the progressive-left.

    He writes:

    In short, this is what has occurred: with rockets falling from Gaza, Israel today assassinated a top Hamas commander, bombed dozens of targets...

    Notice how only the Israelis have agency.

    While the rockets magically fall from Gaza as if they are part of the weather, the Israelis assassinate and bomb.

    This guy has got to stop telling the world that he's pro-Israel.

    He's not.

    1. But Mike, he, and hosts of others JUST LIKE HIM claim to be pro-Israel and get away with it among Progressives. Look at how wildly popular he is among Kossacks. Progressives love Kapos.

    2. Speaking of the Useful Idiot, one gander at his Tikkun blog, which includes stories entitled "Alice Walker: Palestinian Oppression Is “More Brutal” Than the Jim Crow South," ought to disabuse anyone of the notion that he's 'pro-Israel' in any way.

    3. When he headed far left, he did it so fast he smashed his head on the wall rendering him stooooopid.