Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fresh shipment of Iranian-made rockets reportedly already en route to Gaza

Mike L. 
Cargo of ship loaded a week ago in Bandar Abbas may have included Shahab-3 ballistic missiles to be stationed in Sudan, Sunday Times reports 
Hamas boasting of an imminent increase in military aid from Iran, Israeli satellites have spotted a ship at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas being loaded with rockets and other military supplies ostensibly bound for Gaza, the British Sunday Times has reported.

The report cites Israeli intelligence sources who surmised that the cargo would be shipped to Sudan and from there smuggled over land to Gaza.
Whatever his best intentions... and you know what they say about good intentions... Obama's foreign policy has been pro-Hamas and pro-Brotherhood.  There is no other conclusion that we can draw.  Hillary Clinton flew to Jerusalem to yank Hamas' chestnuts from the fire and now their violence toward Israel results in further Israeli concessions and further economic and military assistance to the terrorist organization from Iran.

Part of the problem that we have, it seems to me, is that progressive-left Jewish ideologues absolutely refuse to acknowledge the obvious.  This has been a theme that has run through this blog from the beginning.  I remain perpetually flabbergasted that obvious truths, such as that BDS is a mainly a movement of the left, are either ignored or denied entirely by those who seem to think that truth is a function of one's political disposition.

It isn't.

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