Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rockets, Rockets, and More Rockets

Mike L.
Terrorists from the Gaza Strip launch over 50 rockets and mortars into Israel in 24 hours; IAF strikes weapons manufacturing, storage sites, rocket-launching squads; Palestinians report 1 killed, 7 hurt... 
Terrorists from the Gaza Strip launch over 50 rockets and mortars into Israel in 24 hours; IAF strikes weapons manufacturing, storage sites, rocket-launching squads; Palestinians report 1 killed, 7 hurt.
And, yet, somehow it is not on the current New York Times front page.

The truth, of course, is that the left tends to think that Israel has it coming, anyway.


  1. There has been no mention of it on the news here. Mark my words though, when Israel strikes back hard, it will be her fault!

    1. Much of the world considers Jewish self-defense to be immoral.

      This is particularly true in the Arab world, as enshrined within the tried and true rules of dhimmitude, but it also very much evident among western progressives who interpret Jewish self-defense as a form of aggression.

      It is, likewise, largely true among Jewish progressives who often prefer to see Jews killed rather than fight back.

    2. Mike, can you cite a single instance of a Jewish progressive saying that they'd rather see Jews killed rather than fighting back? If it were largely true, wouldn't at least one person actually say it? Or is it simply a conclusion based on false assumptions?

    3. It's simply a conclusion from being conscious in the world.

      You know as well as I that every time Israel defends itself progressives, including Jewish progressives, come crawling out of the woodwork to scream bloody murder about "collective punishment" and Israeli brutality and militarism.

      For reasons of your own you have elected to not see, or at least not acknowledge, that which is before your very eyes.

      So, really, enough with the ostrich routine.

      It just gets old after awhile, Stuart.

      It's also dangerous to the Jews as a people, btw.

      This inability to recognize dangers, even when they are clear and obvious ones, is what did us in before the Holocaust.

      Little has changed, I'm afraid.

    4. So the answer is no? You've never actually seen any evidence of progressive Jews saying that that they'd prefer dead Jews to fighting back? OK. I suppose you also think that if not but for progressive Jews, radical Islam would have been crushed decades ago.

    5. Sophistry.

      This is beneath you... or so I thought.

    6. Walther Rathenau: A stupid (though clever) Jewish person:

      "...The milestone that marked the passage of German anti-Semitism from being a nasty undercurrent to a public danger was the assassination of Walther Rathenau. From a wealthy Jewish family in Berlin (his father founded AEG, an electricity firm that competed with that of Einstein’s father and then became a huge corporation), he served as a senior official in the war ministry, then reconstruction minister and finally foreign minister.

      "Einstein had read Rathenau’s politics book in 1917, and over dinner told him, 'I saw with astonishment and joy how extensive a meeting of minds there is between our outlooks on life.' Rathenau returned the compliment by reading Einstein’s popular explanation of relativity. 'I do not say it comes easily to me, but certainly relatively easily,' he joked. Then he peppered Einstein with some very insightful questions: 'How does a gyroscope know that it is rotating? How does it distinguish the direction in space toward which it does not want to be tilted?'

      "Although they became close friends, there was one issue that divided them. Rathenau opposed Zionism and thought, mistakenly, that Jews like himself could reduce anti-Semitism by thoroughly assimilating as good Germans.

      "In the hope that Rathenau could warm to the Zionist cause, Einstein introduced him to Weizmann and Blumenfeld. They met for discussions, both at Einstein’s apartment and at Rathenau’s grand manor in Berlin’s Grunewald, but Rathenau remained unmoved. The best course, he thought, was for Jews to take public roles and become part of Germany’s power structure.

      "Blumenfeld argued that it was wrong for a Jew to presume to run the foreign affairs of another people, but Rathenau kept insisting that he was a German. It was an attitude that was 'all too typical of assimilated German Jews,' said Weizmann, who was contemptuous of German Jews who tried to assimilate, and especially of those courtiers who became what he dismissed as Kaiserjuden. 'They seemed to have no idea that they were sitting on a volcano.'

      "As foreign minister in 1922, Rathenau supported German compliance with the Treaty of Versailles and negotiated the Treaty of Rappallo with the Soviet Union, which caused him to be among the first to be labeled by the fledgling Nazi Party as a member of a Jewish-communist conspiracy. On the morning of June 24, 1922, some young nationalists pulled alongside the open car in which Rathenau was riding to work, sprayed him with machine-gun fire, lobbed in a hand grenade, and then sped away. ..."

      -- from "Einstein: His Life and Universe", by Walter Isaacson

    7. Albert Einstein: An intelligent (and also exceedingly clever) Jewish person:

      "...'One can be an internationalist without being indifferent to members of one’s tribe,' he wrote a friend in October 1919. 'The Zionist cause is very close to my heart ...I am glad that there should be a little patch of earth on which our kindred brethren are not considered aliens.'

      "His support for Zionism put Einstein at odds with assimilationists. In April 1920, he was invited to address a meeting of one such group that emphasized its members’ loyalty to Germany, the German Citizens of the Jewish Faith. He replied by accusing them of trying to separate themselves from the poorer and less polished eastern European Jews. 'Can the ‘Aryan’ respect such pussyfooters?' he chided.

      "Privately declining the invitation was not enough. Einstein also felt compelled to write a public attack on those who tried to fit in by talking 'about religious faith instead of tribal affiliation.' In particular, he scorned what he called 'the assimilatory' approach that sought 'to overcome anti-Semitism by dropping nearly everything Jewish.' This never worked; indeed, it 'appears somewhat comical to a non-Jew,' because the Jews are a people set apart from others. 'The psychological root of anti-Semitism lies in the fact that the Jews are a group of people unto themselves,' he wrote. 'Their Jewishness is visible in their physical appearance, and one notices their Jewish heritage in their intellectual work.'

      "...The Jews who practiced and preached assimilation tended to be those who took pride in their German or western European heritage. At the time (and through much of the twentieth century), they tended to look down on Jews from eastern Europe, such as Russia and Poland, who seemed less polished, refined, and assimilated. Although Einstein was German Jewish, he was appalled by those from his background who would 'draw a sharp dividing line between eastern European Jews and western European Jews.' The approach was doomed to backfire against all Jews, he argued, and it was not based on any true distinction. 'Eastern European Jewry contains a rich potential of human talents and productive forces that can well stand the comparison to the higher civilization of western European Jews.'

      "Einstein was acutely aware, even more than the assimilationists, that anti-Semitism was not the result of rational causes. 'In Germany today hatred of the Jews has taken on horrible expressions,' he wrote in early 1920. ..."

      -- from "Einstein: His Life and Universe", by Walter Isaacson

    8. BTW: To clarify to those who may not understand:

      The events described in these accounts that I've listed are not similar, in superficial form, to what is happening now. The events described in these accounts are, similar, in essence, to what is happening now. And I am listing these accounts as metaphors for what is happening now.

      And by my referring to these accounts, I am not advocating for Jewish American people to stop being assimilated into American society. By my referring to these accounts, I am advocating for Jewish people to be mindful and to stand up for their libeled endangered own people like decent normal human beings.