Thursday, November 15, 2012

Israel Responds

Mike L.
IDF hits 150 rocket-launching sites overnight 
After more than 300 rockets were fired into Israel since Operation Pillar of Defense began on Wednesday, only a small number of rockets landed in Israel overnight Thursday, mainly in open areas... 
The IDF stated Friday morning that it has struck more than 500 terror targets in Gaza since the operation to root out terror infrastructure in the coastal territory was initiated...

Among the major targets struck in Gaza overnight Thursday was a structure belonging to Hamas's Interior Ministry. The IDF also struck the home of Hamas commander in Kahn Yunis, Muhammad Sinwar, who was involved in the kidnapping of IDF soldier Gilad Schalit.

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  1. Just a gut feeling, but I think that the Palestinians (Palestine) are wearing out their welcome, finally, and their schtick is starting to be seen more clearly. Israel will gain more support in this vein.

    As Egypt and other states show their true colors and come to support their brothers (that they usually ignore), this will push people (including Obama) further toward the Israeli perspective of the dangers.

    Only the fringes will continue to play the charade, as their goal is actually the eradication of the system we live under for one of their own making, and they will be repudiated.