Sunday, November 11, 2012

French gunman's brother blames parents in new book

Mike L. 
Toulouse gunman's brother says siblings were told by mother 'We, the Arabs, we were born to hate Jews'

The radicalization of the French gunman who killed seven people on an eight-day shooting spree this spring began at home, his brother recounts in a new book and documentary, according to media reports.

Many blamed the poverty of the neighborhoods many immigrants and their children live in for driving them to radical Islam. But a new book by another of Merah brothers, Abdelghani, says his parents, particularly his mother, are responsible for Mohamed's radicalization.

According to excerpts published in Le Figaro and other newspapers, Abdelghani made a silent vow on the day of Mohamed's funeral to tell the world how they were raised on anti-Semitism.

"I will explain how my parents raised you in an atmosphere of racism and hate before the Salafis could douse you in religious extremism," he writes in "My brother, that terrorist," due out Wednesday. Salafis are ultraconservative Muslims.
High profile Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan claimed that the murderer was not anti-Semitic and blamed alienation from French society and poverty for Merah's murderous rampage.
Politically, he was a young man adrift, imbued neither with the values of Islam, nor driven by racism and anti-Semitism.
I am suddenly put to mind of a guy on Daily Kos, back in the day, who went under the moniker "Deaniac."

I will never forget the day wherein Deaniac wrote some comment to the effect that the Palestinians often teach their children to hate Jews and was "troll-rated" into oblivion.  He kept posting videos of that anti-Semitic Palestinian mouse for children's television and they kept screaming at him that he's a racist and he would say things like, "But here's the evidence!  We have it on video!  It's right here!"

But there was no way that they were going to let some uppity Jew speak the truth about incitement against us, especially when there were so many Jewish dhimmis there to back them up.


  1. No one should be surprised at the fact that the murderer's Arab parents raised him in hate to kill Jews. We see it all the time; the indoctrination and brain washing.

    I remember the Deaniac stuff. It's like they weere saying "don't bother me with your proof." Why? Because it's hard to support genocidal haters so they have to pretend they aren't that.

    1. What???

      You're claiming that sometimes Arabs indoctrinate their children in the hatred of Jews?!

      I've never heard of anything so racist in my entire life!

      Have you even one iota of evidence to backup this absurd claim of yours?

      I cannot even begin to imagine what you are talking about, Doodad.


    2. Yeah, I know.....the truth sucks don't it? ;)

  2. The left believes that it is the Jews fault they are hated so much by Arab Muslims and therefore the left should join in. Including apparently the Jewish left.

    Oops sorry. I just committed a major ideological attribution error that would get me scorned and banned anywhere in the West.

    The left believes that it is the Zionists fault they are hated so much by Arab Muslims and therefore they should join in.

    It's the Arab Muslims who believe that it is the Jews fault they are hated so much by Arab Muslims.

    1. Yup.

      The Arabs and Muslims blame the Jews.

      The international left blames the Jews.

      And a whole bunch of Jewish "progressives" likewise blame them other Jews over there... the bad ones... the ones that Abbas and Obama also dislike.

      You know who doesn't blame the Jews?

      The Chinese!

      {I knew that there had to be some reason why we spent so many hundreds of billions of dollars eating their delicious cuisine!}

      Thank G-d for Far East Asia, because they, at least, do not give a shit one way or the other.