Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Bottom Line

Mike L.

I find that I am constantly going to Dr. Barry Rubin for his nice, concise analyses of the problems with Obama administration foreign policy.

In a piece published this morning at Rubin Reports, Dr. Rubin writes:
There are many reasons why I'm thoroughly disgusted with all the phony Obama-loves-Israel or Obama has done a good job on foreign policy nonsense and the foolish things many American Jews and many Americans say about him on this topic. But let me reduce all of these points to one central--and indisputable by anyone who is honest--issue:

Obama has helped put into power in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood, the world's leading anti-American, antisemitic movement... 
One can talk about Iran, the Jerusalem issue, and lots of other things. But whitewashing and helping five regimes or movements that openly and daily call for wiping Israel off the map, slanders Jews, and calls for their mass murder qualifies as sufficient in my book to laugh at any assertion that such a president is "good" for Israel.
This is precisely what I have been arguing since the "Arab Spring" began to play itself out.

Whatever good Obama may have done, none of it comes close to the damage that he is doing with his embrace and acceptance of political Islam.  This is not just damage to the state of Israel, nor the Jewish people, it is damage done to the United States and to the west, in general.

But the real problem, the real source, is the progressive-left failure to acknowledge that political Islam is a serious and growing and fascistic political movement throughout the Arab and Muslim world.

We fail to take those people seriously at our own peril and I suspect that part of the reason that we do fail to take them seriously is out of a sense of white western superiority.

There is a deep irony in the fact that while the left claims to be anti-racist, it exhibits a posture of imperial superiority over our "little brown brothers" in other parts of the world.  The Muslim Brotherhood, and political Islam more generally, is a huge political movement and is the Arab equivalent of the Nazis or the Klan.  If Egypt were a European country, the western left would be screaming from the hillsides about the rise of right-wing fascism, but because it is an Arab country they just shrug and turn away.

There's a reason that the great majority of Israeli Jews oppose a second term for the Obama administration.  It's because they have to live right next door to a political movement that has genocidal Jew Hatred at its core and Obama helped put that movement into power.

But, today we vote.

Whatever happens I feel reasonably certain that both Israel and the United States will continue to flourish.

I am, after all... probably for no good reason... very much an optimist at heart.

Whatever happens today, this evening I will be cooking up, for Laurie and myself, some delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken-style sandwiches on french bread with mayo, sauteed mushrooms, and melted swiss.



  1. Michael Ledeen on the Iranian-Al-Qaeda-Benghazi connection


    "On this week's Iranian Time Bomb, Dr. Ledeen takes a look at two seemingly unrelated stories, and finds a common link. So what does the attack on our diplomatic post in Benghazi have to do with a story about the U.S. Treasury department offering multi-million dollar rewards for al Qaeda financiers in Iran? And why do these two stories have wider implications for the Middle East? Find out."


    Iranian Antisemitism: Stepchild of German National Socialism, by Matthias Küntzel

    What Iranian Leaders Really Say about Doing Away with Israel - A Refutation of the Campaign to Excuse Ahmadinejad's Incitement to Genocide

    Iranian Freedomfighter Warns the West; Reza Kahlili, former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard


    The Coming is Upon Us; Internal program by the Iranian regime; translated into English by Reza Kahlili

    Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, Member of the Iranian Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution, Calls to Conduct Sabotage Operations in "Heart of Europe"

    Hizbullah MP General (ret.) Walid Sakariya: Iranian Nuclear Weapon to "Finish Off the Zionist Enterprise", Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) - August 7, 2012

    Hizbullah MP: Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Hizbullah Will Wipe Out Israel

    Iranian Antisemitic Film "Saturday Hunter" Depicts Jews Massacring Arabs, Seeking God-Like Powers, Channel 1 (Iran) - August 17, 2012

    "Shabbat hunter" anti-Semitic Iranian film

    1. Director of Antisemitic Iranian Film "Saturday Hunter"

      Narrator: "Saturday Hunter" is an Iranian film, which gives us a small glimpse into Zionist barbarism and crimes against humanity throughout history. The film differs from other films about the Zionists' crimes against others in that it conveys a number of messages.

      Film producer Mohammad Qahremani: The film portrays the Zionist crimes against the defenseless Palestinian people. It presents the extremist Zionist ideology, which calls for the killing of Palestinians and the plundering of their land, which are deemed a religious duty.

      "Saturday Hunter" shows the Zionist brainwashing, which is passed down from one generation to another.

      Narrator: In his film, Iranian director Parviz Sheikhtadi deals with Zionist practices, including brainwashing, which the child, Benjamin, is subjected to by his father, a Zionist rabbi called Hanan. Thus, the child is transformed into a merciless criminal creature. The rabbi was played by renowned actor Ali Nassirian.

      The most moving scenes in this film are the ones depicting political sadism and religious racism. The rabbi is presented as the ultimate evil, the symbol of deception, who reveals what is concealed within his conscience, as well as the criminal machinations harbored within his mind. The producers hope that this will reverberate strongly in the Muslim world.

      Mohammad Qahremani: This film will be screened in the Arab and Islamic countries in the near future. We know that our brothers in these countries believe in the liberation of Palestine. If the film is presented in these countries in an appropriate way, it will surely be well received there. The film will soon be translated into Arabic for that purpose.

      Narrator: The film has exposed the double standards held by international film festivals, and their clear bias towards Zionism, as evident in their refusal to screen it.

      Mohammad Qahremani: We submitted the film to several international film festivals. We would like to point out to the Islamic peoples in the world that almost all the international film festivals rejected this film, in light of its subject matter.

      Narrator: Undoubtedly, the position of the officials in international film festivals is not detached from the bias of Western governments towards the Israeli entity, especially since the film embodies a reality experienced by the Palestinians on a daily basis, and since it exposes more about global Zionism and its criminal role in the world.


      Mohammad Qahremani: Let me quote the words of the leaders of the Zionist entity: "If the Arabs were not present on the Palestinian lands, Israel would rule the world." Therefore, the Arab presence there saves us from [Zionist] rule of the world.

    2. Obama's Search for Peace in Our Time, by Matthias Küntzel

    3. What about the European Union?, by Matthias Küntzel, November 23, 2011

      "A 'financial war' against Tehran would be the most humane way of avoiding a nuclear one."


      "This Monday was a good day for the Iranian people and a bad one for the Iranian regime: on 21 November 2011 the UN General Assembly condemned human rights violations in Iran, the USA reinforced its sanctions on the Iranian oil and petrochemical industries, Canada banned transactions with the Iranian Central Bank, France called for an end to purchases of Iranian oil and the UK suspended all financial cooperation with Iran with immediate effect.

      "Missing from this list, however, are Germany and the EU. ...


    4. Ex-Muslim Iranian dissident Amil Imani on Barack Obama and Islam and Iran


      Interviewer: How good a job do you think the Obama administration is doing in bringing these issues [the Islamic supremacist political movement]...to being able to protect America from...it isn't just terrorism is it?...What's the ultimate goal [of the adherents of the Islamic supremacist political movement / Islam]?

      Amil Imani: Of Islam?...The ultimate goal is the domination...[of Islam] around the world. And, we've seen, since 9/11, the [number of] mosque[s] doubled...so many mosques in this country [the U.S.A.]...doubled -- literally; Just recently, I think, they released a stastic that...mosques in the United States are doubled. And why? Do you see any synagogue, do you see any church, in Saudi Arabia? No. Saudio Arabia spends billions of dollars here building mosques left and right. On top of that, they're having [these] books of Islam, they're giving it to the students. They're capturing our youth. Our professors, our Liberals, they're helping these guys. They are together. And they're trying to culturally invade America. They're invading us right now, which I call "Soft" Jihad. The "Hard" Jihad was 9/11 when three thousand...Americans... were butchered. So the soft Jihad right now is culturally. They're trying to change that culturally. And...when the time comes, they will use the "Hard" Jihad, as I say...and they've been using...there's been almost twenty thousand Islamic [terrorist attacks] since 9/11. Twenty thousand.

      Interviewer: Around the world.

      Amil Imani: Around the world. Basically we see it on a daily basis.


    5. (from continued)

      Interviewer: What's you concern about America now, under the Obama administration?

      Amil Imani: Under the Obama administration it has become even worse. ...I'm not gonna directly blame him for anything, but I'm saying Obama has not done anything. He has [sung the praises] of Islam wherever he goes. ...First thing he does to...Cairo, in the Alezar University, praises Islam. He claims to...he "knows Islam from the three continents". He says that his background is Islamic. His father in Kenyan background, and...all he does is praises that. And what I understand...and I've read in many places, we have tax payers actually [paying] to build mosques around the world. And this president [agrees] with that. And we have people working in Homeland Security who that are devout Muslims. To me, a devout Muslim is not going to appreciate the constitution of the United States. A devout Muslim first and foremost is an Umma'ist -- an international citizen of Islam. ...Their allegiance is not [to] the United States constitution or American people. This is what we have to understand. This is why we cannot have a Muslim -- a devout Muslim -- working...inside the United States government. It's... extremely dangerous.

      Interviewer: Well, it's...an important that you're bringing up here. When President Obama says that Iran is not a threat to America, as a born Iran yourself, and Iran claims "We're not antisemitic because we have Jews living in Iran, it's just...Israel that we don't like", what do you think is the truth.

      Amil Imani: First of all, you must realize: Iran is an occupied nation now. It's been occupied by those who do not like Iran. Islamic Republic [of Iran] is the greatest threat not only to the Iranian people, but to the world...



    6. (from continued)

      Amil Imani: ...in 2009...we had the opportunity of the century to go there and help those kids and...dismantle the Islamic regime and we didn't do that...and a lot of people in Iran said: Mr. Obama, are you with us, or with the terrorists?. Mr. Obama said: I am with the terrorists...


      Interviewer: So when President Obama says: we want to rely on sanctions to...stop Iran nuclear weaponizing...

      Amil Imani: Sanctions -- crippling sanctions -- works [work] very well. If you stop...you have to have [a] monitor...where you have to completely shut down their oil and gas - you shut down their oil and gas they will vanish.

      Interviewer: But if Obama won't do that...

      Amil Imani: Obama...has not...done that. He has been talking and talking...but not...walking, walking. He's just been talk and talk and talk. He's not interested [in getting] involved in that. Even during...George Bush's time -- I mean, just not gonna blame Obama. During the eight years of George Bush, he didn't do anything about Iran. In fact, George Bush went after Saddam [Hussein of Iraq], and killed Saddam, he helped the Islamic Replubic [of Iran]...[Saddam Hussein's] greatest enemy, and then the Taliban. So basically, in fact, they made Iran stronger.

    7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxiyg2tDD7I

      Barack Obama on Iran, in a speech, May 18, 2008:

      Barack Obama: "[*Speaks off-the-cuff passionately and informally*] I MEAN, THINK ABOUT IT: IRAN, CUBA, VENEZUELA, THESE COUNTRIES ARE TINY...COMPARED TO THE SOVIET UNION. THEY DON'T POSE A THR- [*stammers*] SERIOUS THREAT TO US."


      Barack Obama: "[*Speaks off-the-cuff passionately and informally*] WE SHOULDN'T...WE SHOULDN'T BE AFR- [*stammers*] YOU KNOW, IRAN: THEY SPEND ONE ONE-HUNDREDTH OF WHAT WE SPEND ON THE MILITARY. I MEAN, [*stammers*] I MEAN, IF IRAN EVER TRIED TO POSE A *SERIOUS* [*Emphasizes the word "serious"*] THREAT TO US. THEY WOULDN'T [*Stammers*] THEY WOULDN'T STAND A CHANCE."


      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxiyg2tDD7I (same video)

      Barack Obama on Iran, in a speech, May 19, 2008:

      Barack Obama: "[*Intonates apologetic righteous self-defensiveness*] IRAN DOES NOT POSE AS GREAT OF A THREAT AS THE SOVIET UNION DID..."


      Barack Obama: "[*Reads prepared writing*] SO, I'VE MADE IT CLEAR FOR YEARS THAT THE THREAT FROM IRAN IS [*Intonates equivocation*] GREAT...[*Crowd enthusiastically applauds*] [*Obama raises finger; *Speaks forcefully*; *Intonates conviction*]...SO, LET ME BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, IRAN IS A GREAT THREAT. [*Stammers*; *Reads prepared writing*] ILLICIT NUCLEAR PROGRAM, SUPPORTS TERRORISM ACROSS THE REGION..."

  2. Earlier this afternoon, while wading through half a dozen political operatives to get in the door and cast my vote at a 'polling location' for the first time in years, I was once again reminded of how superior Oregon's voting process is to the antiquated system most of our states still use.

    I say vote-by-mail (or dropbox, which is what I always did) for all by 2016!


    Speaking of fried chicken! A quite well thought-of cafe is relocating to our 'hood from elsewhere in Philly early next year. And I'm excited about it. Just a few blocks from me. One of their specialties is Korean fried chicken. Those were everywhere in Portland, but rare out here. Until now. Talk about good eatin'! :-D