Thursday, November 15, 2012

Eliminate Hamas

Mike L.

It's not a very attractive option, because to do so will be a very bloody business, but unless Israel wants continuous rocket fire on the heads of its citizenry, it should finish Hamas in the Gaza strip.

Hamas is genocidal.  We all know that.  Their charter calls quite specifically for the murder of Jews... not even merely Israelis, but Jews as a group.  Furthermore, Hamas has consistently shown that it is willing to act on that project, the Jew Killing Project.

Thus Israel has every right to finish them.

Will it do so?  Heck, no.  Israel will likely have some strictly limited objectives in the Gaza strip that may momentarily quell Arab-Muslim anti-Jewish violence, but there is no way that the west, following Obama's lead, will allow Jewish people to protect themselves.

Barack Obama doesn't actually seem to mind violence against Jews, because if he did he would never have supported the Muslim Brotherhood to begin with.  Furthermore, as I never tire of pointing out, Hamas is the Little Brotherhood in Gaza.  Hamas calls for the slaughter of the Jewish people and does whatever it can do to make that a reality.  Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization of Hamas and supports the goals of that organization.

And, lest we get distracted by shiny objects elsewhere, we must acknowledge that (for whatever reason) Barack Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is not "hyperbole."  This is not rhetorical exaggeration.  It is, in fact, a very simple observation of an easily verifiable truth.

Obama supports the Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood supports Hamas.  And Hamas is genocidal toward Jews.

Two plus two does, in fact, equal four, however much we might prefer it otherwise.

These are very simple, obvious facts that, if we care about our own well-being or the well-being of the Jewish people, we must acknowledge.  It does us no good to pretend that reality is not real.  It does us no good to pretend that the Brotherhood is "moderate" or that Obama does not really support them.

They aren't and he does.

Barack Obama has proven, time and again, that he is no friend either to the state of Israel or to the Jewish people.  One cannot support the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that is genocidal toward Jews, and still claim friendship with the Jewish people.  It simply does not work that way and concluding so is nothing other than a matter of basic common sense and basic human decency.

Progressive-left western Jews are sometimes so "sophisticated" that they can honestly convince themselves that the guy kicking them in the teeth is really a good friend.  I have no such sophistication.  When someone kicks me in the teeth I do not pretend that they are anything other than the enemy that they are.

So, yes, Israel should eliminate Hamas in the Gaza strip by any means necessary.

But, sadly, do not look for that to actually happen.  Jewish self-defense is strictly verboten, not only throughout the western left, but among western governments, as well, despite whatever lip-service they may offer to the contrary.

We are obliged to take our kick to the teeth and like it.

I recommend against.


  1. Mike, face it. Some people see Hamas and the MB as Democrats because they were elected in a vote. That, for them, trumps the obvious truth that they are first and foremost, genocidal Islamists. How that works eludes your and my rational brains. Guess we will never be playing hyperdimensional chess with those "geniuses."

  2. The Troubadour goes all conspiracy theory in service to anti-Bibi rhetoric and Kossacks love him for it.

    "So why would Israel assassinate a Hamas official, a move guaranteed to provoke extreme outrage and revenge, at a time when Hamas leaders were working on a ceasefire? The answer is simple and twofold: a) Netanyahu's government wants a militant Hamas in Gaza; it wants a situation in which Gaza becomes isolated from the West Bank, hoping eventually Greater Israel will be obtained with Gaza becoming a separate entity, and b) with Israeli elections set for January, electoral motivations are undeniably in play with regard to this sudden military barrage.

    This has happened before, this tactic to destroy a cease fire and stoke militant extremism. And it's a tactic I know intimately. See, in 2002, my wife was injured in the bombing of Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The bombing, carried out by Hamas, was a revenge attack for Israel's targeted assassination of a top Hamas terrorist, Sheikh Salah Shehada. The rub? This assassination came 90 minutes after Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority's Tanzim had agreed on a long-term ceasefire agreement that included a historic call from all organizations to end all terror attacks on civilians."

    And so we also learn why the idiot hates Israel. He blames ISRAEL for his wife getting bombed. Long time coming but this crap always eventually comes out.

    1. How much mileage can one Useful Idiot get out of his wife's attempted murder? What a pitiful sack of shit he is.

    2. At least he got a couple of troll ratings. Although I wouldn't be surprised to see the two of them be 'NR' or banned by the end of the day for it...

    3. The Useful Idiot is certainly penning a missive right now on how 'numb' and full of tears he is, for the way he was treated...

    4. I wonder how many actual kapos during the Holocaust honestly believed that the Jews were guilty in just the way the Nazis said that we were?

      Clearly David Harris-Gershon thinks so. He does, as Doodad has clearly shown, blame Israel for Arab-Muslim violence against his wife.

      The thing of it is, he is also a writer for Michael Lerner's Tikkun Magazine, where I am pleased to see Oldschool questioning him.

      Perhaps it's time to start taking a good, long look at Lerner and Tikkun Daily.

      I've met Michael Lerner before, although I cannot imagine he would remember it. What he would remember is giving a lecture at San Francisco State University to a classroom of students about the nature of Tikkun Olam, as part of a failed job interview.

      I was among those students and, in fact, recommended his hiring.

      At this point, the guy has clearly crossed all the red lines.

      Maybe he needs a good talking to, eh?

    5. Useful idiot is right. But at least now we know why he is deranged. Imagine blaming Israel for what Jihadists did. Oh wait, default Progressive position.

    6. But, remember: these are "The Good Jews". Like Theobald of Cambridge & Co., and the Kapos, and ethnically Jewish Soviet developers of "Zionology" ("Anti-Zionism"), etc.


      The Jewish people who are experiencing, to exceedingly severe degrees, the Stockholm syndrome that almost all Jewish people are experiencing to various degrees are people of no integrity and are blameworthy. But the people who are the most blameworthy, and who are evil, are the non-Jewish people who hold them up as "The Good Jews" to attack the Jewish people.

  3. Quit hatin' on Michael Lerner. He da man!!!

    1. Eight Men Out! Okay yeah, that Michael Lerner is awesome. ;)

      Ha, I didn't know he was in Elf. I associate that movie with the last Major League ball game I was at, in Detroit in 2006 with my father (wow, has it been that long?! I need to get to a Phillies game next year!), they showed that movie on an endless loop on one of the movie channels in the hotel for some reason. Strangely mesmerizing at 3 AM, in a way...

    2. You guys should check out "When Do We Eat?" with Michael Lerner and Leslie Ann Warren.

      It's friggin' hysterical.

      It's about a crazy family of wealthy Jews having a Passover seder when dad, as played by Lerner, has... ahhh... a revelation.

      Trust me.

      It's terrific.

  4. Speaking of Lerner's place. Richard Silverstein posts there, and had a long, weird screed against Jeffrey Goldberg up last week.

    What company they keep there.