Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just for Nagaura


Editor's note - I normally do not in any significant way mess with the postings of the other front pagers, but ZionTruth, who if I am not mistaken lives in Israel, has a comment that fits this very well, so I am posting it below. - Mike L.


Hamas murdered that child, Naggy. Hamas were the ones that murdered him. You know how? By putting him in the line of fire instead of taking him to shelter like Israeli Jews do their women and children.

It's a habitual and deliberate thing with Hamas, as it is with all other Islamic terrorist organizations, like Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Taliban in Afghanistan. They all do that, they all put their women and children in the line of fire, habitually and deliberately.

You want to know why they would do such a thing? Because of their demonic win-win calculation, one that is possible only if you leave the regard for human life out of the equation: Put the women and children in the line of fire and then the other side will either abstain from firing out of fear of hurting them, or the other side will fire and inevitably hurt them and then the grisly pictures could be presented as "evidence" of "Israeli cruelty" to a Western bien-pensant world that laps it up.

You know what that makes you, Naggy? A useful idiot. A stooge for Islamic imperialist aggression. The modern-day equivalent of Lord Haw Haw. You should be so proud.

Israel cannot be more merciful to the women and children on the other side than they are to themselves. Israel as the state of the Jews has the duty of being merciful to its own women and children, by making sure that they are no longer under danger of rocket attacks. The bien-pensants preaching at us from the safety of their armchairs abroad can go pound sand.


  1. Needs a few rocket launchers around the child, though, to be more accurate...

  2. thanks Mike

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  3. Thanks, Mike, Geoffff and all.

    I'm just frack'n tired of all those preaching at us from afar. They'd never do that for any other conflict like Sri Lanka and Northern Ireland. It's the same thing with the "Jews settling Palestine" yang: You hear about "Jews settling Palestine" all the time, but when it comes to any other setting, like Han Chinese settlements in Tibet, all you hear is crickets.

    Sometimes I offer arguments against the Israel-haters, but a lot more often these days I just tell them it's none of their business what goes on in my country. I've lately pressed into service the line "Kindly unpoke your nose from affairs that are no concern of yours" more frequently than I can remember.

    "Disproportionate" is the word that best describes the attention the world gives to the Jewish State.

    1. Zion, if ever you're in the mood to do so, I would love to hear more of your story.

      You're the only Israeli, unfortunately, that actually posts here and I'd love to know whether you made aliyah or whether you're born and bred Israeli and more of your views on the country, the culture, and the conflict.

      Peace to you, please, good sir.

    2. Born and bred in Israel, entire life in Israel except for three of my teen years spent in the U.S.

      Apologies, but I don't like to disclose much online. I can say I've gotten more religious and more right-wing over the years, like a lot of Israeli Jews during the 2000s decade, when the hopes of Oslo were dashed.

      I'd rather talk about society in general. A lot of the denizens of DailyKKKos fancy Israel as a latter-day South Africa with white majority rule and all, but they're hopelessly out of date even in those cases where there's a tiny grain of truth behind the lies they believe in. I remember when one of the DKos anti-Israel regulars (perhaps "jon the anti-zionist jew," but I don't recall from memory) "proved" Israel to be a "white racist state" from the movie Salah Shabbati. The only problem with his thesis is that Salah Shabbati was made in... 1961.

      Israeli Jews today are an increasingly intermarried bunch, where I'm speaking of marriage between European-extraction Jews (Ashkenazim) and Arab-world-extraction Jews (Sephardim). Even without intermarriage taken into account, Israel in this year 2012 is majority Sephardi, meaning non-white. That means the anti-Israel crowd are not just outdated, they're outdated in a way that lays waste to all their assumptions. For instance, Sephardim have no "white guilt" and the canards about Israel as a colonial project simply bounce off them. And more, they tend not to be receptive to the narrative that Jews and Arabs had lived in absolute, idyllic peace together until the coming of Zionism; their long family histories tell a quite different story, you see.

      And the Sephardim have always been traditional, if not outright religious. While the age-old compromises with the Ultra-Orthodox still cause much grumbling (for example, over their avoidance of army service), the old "Russian Revolutionist"-like secular fervor of the founders of the modern State of Israel is all but gone. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of secular Jews, but they're so by default, not by conscious ideology as in the past. Even the secular have a high proportion of masortiyim (traditionalists) who lead secular lives but keep traditions like in that lovely picture you posted of a woman lighting Shabbat candles. That woman could easily be secular in her usual life, but tradition is cherished.

      (continued in next post)

    3. (contd. from previous post)

      Politically, over these years, patience with the Arabs has grown thin. Remember that, from October 2000 to this day there's been a series of outrages, as well as external observations, that has sapped the willingness for land concessions. Whether it was the Second Lebanon War of 2006, or an outside event like the Danish Cartoon Riots, there's been a growing feeling that the deals we've signed or would sign are not land-for-peace deals but land-for-nothing deals. And there is very little love for an outside world that chides us as we're attacked, the way it happened in July–August 2006 and is beginning to happen right now.

      As I once mentioned, and you promoted it to a post, Israeli Jews tend to be more politically flexible than, say, their American counterparts. They can, for example, demonstrate against Netanyahu for his capitalist economic policies, and at the same time unwaveringly support him for his retaliation against Hamas. This combination of left-wing economic leaning and right-wing foreign policy leaning is baffling to most American onlookers, but it's quite natural here.

      In short, Israeli Jewish society and culture has changed in such a way that, if ever the Arabs were once sincerely interested in a land-for-peace deal, their window of opportunity is now well-nigh closed. With the overwhelming belief that giving up Judea and Samaria would only lead to a barrage of Kassam rockets on the Tel-Aviv area, and that a new pretext would be found for it (say, the "Right of Return" being yet unfulfilled), few Israeli Jews have a heart for such deals. The picture from Israel's mainstream media may be different, but the Israeli MSM does not reflect the average Israeli Jew.

      I hope this brief rundown clarifies things a bit and isn't too tainted by my personal views.

      HaShem bless you all.

    4. As I once mentioned, and you promoted it to a post, Israeli Jews tend to be more politically flexible than, say, their American counterparts. They can, for example, demonstrate against Netanyahu for his capitalist economic policies, and at the same time unwaveringly support him for his retaliation against Hamas. This combination of left-wing economic leaning and right-wing foreign policy leaning is baffling to most American onlookers, but it's quite natural here.

      I find this somewhat mirrors my approach, though I have more respect for capitalism than perhaps before.

    5. "This combination of left-wing economic leaning and right-wing foreign policy leaning is baffling to most American onlookers, but it's quite natural here."

      Speaking from an American view, it's quite natural to me as well.

    6. oldschooltwentysix, Randall Kohn,

      I'm a free market supporter myself, but one's stance on economics in Israel is something that cuts across groups, where in America you'd usually be correct to assume fiscal conservatism for someone with hawkish views on foreign policy, and socialism for one with a dovish take.

      I don't know if the post of mine Mike promoted is here—it may be on his older Karmafishies blog, but in any case I saved it to local storage (archivist mentality here). The context is important, because I wrote it shortly after the July 14, 2011 protests, where Israelis took to the streets to demonstrate against the unaffordable housing prices. On websites on both sides of the political map, there was bafflement on Israelis seemingly holding a political contradiction: Left-wing anti-Zionist websites would express bewilderment that a nation willing to protest in favor of socialist economic policies was so unwilling to talk about the Ahk-You-Pay-Shun and Nack-Bah and all that stuff, while right-wing American observers were similarly confused that a nation of hawks was clinging to the idea of the welfare state.

      Anyhow, economics is the subject of a lively debate in Israeli Jewish society, while in foreign policy there's very little debate, the public having overwhelmingly moved to a hawkish view following a decade of Arab eliminationism and Western Leftist sympathy therewith.

  4. All of you are nothing but a group racists living in a world of hate. A world I want nothing to do with.

    1. Typical Prog: Having no logical counterargument, he lobs the R-word.

    2. You logged in just to tell us you want nothing do with us? Pathetic, infantile loser.

    3. Seriously, that is the best contribution you have?

      It is ironic that some people who love to tell others they are "anti-racist," and get so bent on the perceived racism of others, say nothing about actual racism they support or even practice it themselves.

    4. It's a devastating retort in the eyes of his or her fellow 'progressive' racists though, School.

      That was a hardcore zinger for sure, we're all toast!

    5. This weekend, I know for sure one of 'em is gonna be the stir-fried beef tripe hand-pulled noodles at Lan Zhou, I tell you what!

      Pardon me for talkin' Eastern Oregon for a second there, but hand-pulled noodles get me excited... ;)

    6. Mmmmm... Chinese food.

      The Chinese invented deliciousness.

      But, American-Chinese cuisine is different on the west coast then on the east coast, sadly.

      On the west coast they don't give you the crispy noodles with the hot mustard and the duck sauce when you sit down at the table... and that's just wrong and bad.

      Also, on the west coast Chow Mein is what we call Lo Mein on the east coast.

      But perhaps most distressingly, bbq spare ribs on the east coast are somewhat different, and decidedly better, than what we get on the west coast. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's a definite difference.

      And, I have to tell you, it just makes me sad.

    7. Nagaura doesn't know about the racist murderous violence of Hamas and Fatah-PLo against Jewish people in Israel. Nagaura doesn't know that the images and words in the mass media that accuse Israel of atrocities are lies. Nagaura doesn't know the two thousand year legacy of the propagation of these lies against Jewish people and the resultant repeated mass-murders of Jewish people by people who believed such lies. Nagaura has no context. Therefore Nagaura views this stoic restrained comic relief blog post in response to his/her ignorant and hurtful racism as being callous and evil.

      This is the case with all people such as Nagaura. This has always been the case with all people such as Nagaura for two thousand years.


      "The concept of the 'evil Jew' has made a well-disguised comeback: Criticizing Israel and Zionists is now deemed a legitimate option to cursing Jews and Judaism. Not only is it open, socially acceptable and legal, but it can actually bring prosperity and popularity. This new form of anti-Semitism 2.0 is well-covered-up, harder to trace and poses a much deeper danger to the modern way of life of the civilized world than the earlier crude form of it, as it slowly and gradually works on delegitimizing Jews to the point where it eventually becomes acceptable to target Jews, first verbally, then physically -- all done in a cosmopolitan style where the anti-Semites are well-groomed speakers and headline writers in jackets and ties; and not just Arab, but American and European, from 'sanitized' news coverage of the most bloodthirsty radicals, to charges against Israel in which facts are distorted, selectively omitted or simply untrue..."

      -- Mudar Zahran, 'Palestinian' Arab writer and academic from Jordan who currently resides in the U.K. as a political refugee, Anti-Semitism 2.0 (

      "...I find it shameful and see in all this the rise of a new fascism, a new Nazism. A fascism, a Nazism, that much more grim and revolting because it is conducted and nourished by those who hypocritically pose as do-gooders, progressives, communists, pacifists, Catholics or rather Christians, and who have the gall to label a warmonger anyone like me who screams the truth. ..."

      -- Orianna Falaci, Italian journalist who opposed fascism and who fought as a Partisan against the Nazi-allied Fascist regime of Italy during World War II, Vergognosi gli attacchi a Israele, 2002 (

    8. Exposing Hamas’ Cannibalistic Cognitive War Strategy, by Richard Landes

      "1. Kill your own children. 2. Pose and photograph the corpses. 3. Blame Israel. 4. Distribute to naive Western journalists. 5. Repeat."

      (However, about Western journalists: They're not "naive".)

    9. NEWS NOTICE: BBC uses photo of Syrian Arab child killed by Syrian forces in Syria and falsely presents it as being a photo of a 'Palestinian' Arab child killed in The Gaza Strip by the Israeli army


      NEWS NOTICE: Anti-Israeli activists use photo of murdered Israeli Jews from 'Palestinian' Arab "suicide" murder bombing in Israel from 2002 and falsely present it as being a photo of 'Palestinian' Arabs killed in The Gaza Strip by the Israeli army


      Hat tip to Kasim Hafeez from his facebook page The Israel Campaign

      (Kasim Hafeez's website:

  5. "And Nagaura did deign to come down from Her heavenly progressive heights, and She did say - Jooz, here is a chance to prove you oppose the murder of children! Lo, those ungrateful Zionists refused the opportunity to purify themselves in Her righteous aura."