Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Progressive-Left Anti-Jewish Sadism

Mike L.

Here's how it works and it's really quite simple.

The Arab majority in the Middle East tries to kill Jews, mainly on religious grounds, and their friends in the western left explain to one another just why it is that the Arabs have every right to try to kill Jews, on grounds of social justice. Hamas shot hundreds of rockets over the course of just a few days (and many thousands over the course of years) into southern Israel making life impossible for the residents of that region. During the course of the recent bombardment the progressive-left was absolutely silent because they honestly do not consider violence against Jews to be violence, perhaps because they do not believe that Jews are actual human beings.

It was only when the Jews stood up to defend themselves that suddenly they burst into righteous indignation blaming the Jews of the Middle East for the ongoing Arab violence against them.

So on Daily Kos we get this:
How is killing children defending themselves? (0+ / 0-)  
Are six year olds that dangerous to Israel?  
 by Christy1947 on Tue Nov 20, 2012 at 12:02:29 AM PST
This is, of course, the blood libel.  For centuries when people wished to justify violence against the Jewish people they told one another that Jews like to harm children.  There is only one reason to repeat this kind of vile and evil lie, it is to justify the violence against the Jews in the region.

And we get this:
WTF did "they" expect when they moved into (1+ / 0-) 
other people's homes and took their property? 
The war to conquer Palestine and make it a "Jewish Homeland" has been going on for decades, and obviously won't be stopped until either the people whose homes and land were stolen give up, and stop trying to get it back, or until those people (Palestinians) are killed off while trying. 
Isn't there a word for systematically murdering people based on their race or ethnic make-up? 
by recontext on Mon Nov 19, 2012 at 11:24:41 PM PST
This comment, aside from being entirely ahistorical and innacurate, accuses the Jews of the Middle East of both thievery and genocide.  The obvious point to take away is that Arab-Muslim violence against the Jews of the Middle East... a little project which has been ongoing for 14 hundred years... is entirely the fault of those Jews for their bad behavior and moral failings.  Furthermore, to suggest that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians is to take the Holocaust and use it as a club against the Jewish people.

It represents a sadistic moral inversion because there is no genocide taking place against the Palestinian people.  Some on the anti-Jewish racist left will say that Israel is conducting a "slow motion" genocide.  Well, given the fact that the Palestinian population both within Israel and within the territories increases decade after decade it would actually have to be a genocide in reverse.

Or how about this:
What do occupiers (2+ / 0-)  
expect from the occupied?  
Justice For Will Will spent his brief, courageous life fighting for the rights we all take for granted. Please share his story to support the fight!  
 by KibbutzAmiad on Mon Nov 19, 2012 at 06:31:51 PM PST
Never mind the fact that Israel practically tore itself to pieces in the 2005 decision to ethnically cleanse every Jew from the Gaza strip, as far as "progressives" are concerned the so-called "occupation" continues whether there are any Jews present or not.

But here, again, the point is that violence toward Jews is fully justified.  This is the meaning of that comment and the hundreds of others like the ones above that are pouring out of the keyboards of those champions of universal human rights who also believe that Arab-Muslim violence against Jews in the Middle East is perfectly fine and honorable.

There's plenty more where that came from, but you guys get the point.

The Arabs commit violence against the Jews of the Middle East because the presence of Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land is an offense to Islam and the left is silent.

The Jews hit back and the left springs to life explaining to anyone who will listen that the Jews deserve every bit of violence that comes their way on grounds of social justice.

And, yet, diaspora Jews will continue to support the very political movement, the progressive-left, from which all this hatred comes pouring forth.

It's really pretty sick.  These sadists seem to get psychological gratification out of kicking the Jews while they're under violent attack.  The more violence that comes to the Jews of the Middle East the greater the pitch of progressive-left hysteria toward those Jews.

They spread hatred toward Jews, who they then claim are haters, and they spread racism against Jews, who they then claim are racists and, sickeningly enough, they do this under the banner of social justice and universal human rights.

It could hardly be more perverse.

There is a disease at the core of the progressive movement and it takes the form of rationalizing and encouraging violence against us.


  1. Blood libel and Jews as thieves.....same old antisemitic tropes used forever. It used to be a right wing talking point but now it's the left's platform. This latest avalanche of Jew hate at dKos and elsewhere has used EVERY SINGLE antisemitic meme that exists...EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!!

    That should alert so called Progressives but instead they join in the pile on. How pathetic.

    Now there is big talk of a truce to happen tonight. Israel had better have got some great concessions or all this will be happening again in a year or two. Also Morsi is getting credit as the great truce maker yet all along he has disssed one and only one of the two parties...Israel. How ironic is that? Talk about the fox in the henhouse.

  2. As truce draws nearer savage Hamas kills 6 as collaborators without trial and drags bodies thru streets behind motorcycles


    caution...gruesome pictures

  3. Here's a good one:


    Israeli's seek a "Final Solution" (10+ / 0-)

    to the Palestinian problem?

    Don't they have a Holocaust Museum over there somewhere? There really must be divine retribution awaiting a Fascist Israel.

    by Economaniac on Mon Nov 19, 2012 at 06:39:30 AM PST

    So the Palestinian send hundreds of rockets into southern Israel and the left doesn't care, but when Israel responds it means that the Jews are Nazis.

    And, yet, these vicious savages still think that Jews should support their politics and their party.

    How moronic is that?

  4. btw, it is quite a coincidence that Hamas started shooting all those rockets into Israel directly after Obama's re-election.

    Obama's got Hamas's back and however much he may pay lip-service to the idea of Israel's rights to self-defense, he is acting in a manner to prohibit that self-defense through pressuring Israel to stand down.

  5. The blockade is an act of war 24/7/365 (32+ / 0-)

    by Lefty Coaster on Mon Nov 19, 2012 at 05:10:17 PM PST

    Israel blockades Gaza because Hamas shoots rockets into Israel, even as it tells the world that all Jews should be killed.

    Lefty apparently thinks that the Jewish people have a moral obligation to allow Arabs to kill them.

    This is what it ultimately comes down to.

    Jews are immoral for daring to defend themselves.

    1. Lefty Coaster is an astounding act of sheer, historic stupidity 24/7 365. Bricks call the dimmest amongst themselves Lefty Coaster.

    2. These twits want every thing that protects Israelis dismantled" the blockade, the security wall, checkpoints etc. What other conclusion can we come to except that they support terrorists killing Jews?

    3. But of course, being a rabid anti-Israel fanatic doesn't necessarily require much brainpower. In fact, being a dolt helps greatly on that count.

    4. Indeed, Doodad. It's clear as day to anyone who cares to see it. Obsessive 'anti-zionists' such as Lefty Coaster are nothing more than ugly antisemites cloaking their bigotry and hate in a (white) sheet of phony liberalism.

    5. Y'know, what really slays me is that all the Palestinians need to do in order to bring about conditions favorable to themselves and to their children is to stop inciting violence against Jews.

      That's it.

      That's all.

      If they would stop inciting violence against Jews, and committing violence against Jews, there would be no blockade, no security fence, no check-points, and all the rest of it.

      It's genocidal, Koranically based Arab-Muslim hatred toward Jews which is their real prison and only they can free themselves from it.

      In the mean time, Israel should do whatever Israel needs to do to protect themselves from that hatred.

      I still recommend eliminating Hamas.

    6. I wonder when any of their 'supporters' at that blog will mention that simple fact, Mike. Even as a brief aside? Shouldn't hold my breath, I know...

    7. Because they don't believe it.

      They honestly believe that the Jews are immoral and that the only reason that Palestinians seek to kill them is because they have been wronged by the immoral Jews.

      In short, they hold us in contempt... as did the Nazis, of course.

  6. My phone keeps telling me that 'antisemite' isn't a word. I would like to know what my phone's username on Daily Kos is... ;-P

  7. The Jew-hatred of the Far Left is a repackaged form, formulated as an article of class warfare. The readiness to buy Arab propaganda hook, line and sinker meshes with the class warfare view. Progressives think 1200 rockets on Israeli Jewish civilians are no biggie, because they are "the oppressive rich" finally getting a little comeuppance from the "oppressed poor."

    Allow me an analogy to explain how class warfare relates to the Far Leftist view of the Jewish–Arab conflict:

    The Arab nation is a rich man, possessing over a score of states on a huge masses of land; rich not only in the area possessed, but also in the abundance of oil in a lot of this area.

    From the PR point of view, however, this clear and evident truth has always presented a problem. When the UNSCOP meeting convened to settle the question of Palestine, one of the arguments that swayed its decision to have a partition plan was that made by the Jewish delegates, that the Arab nation is in no danger of land deprivation because it already possesses a great mass of land. As we know, this didn't stop the Arabs trying to nip the 1947 Partition Plan in the bud, but after their failure they made a crucial modification to the marketing of their imperialistic ambition to rob the Jewish nation of its single state.

    Namely, if the Arab nation can be likened to a rich man, it now took one of its sons, Filastin, and dressed him in beggars' clothing. Set against the prosperous and armed Jewish State, Filastin outside its true context as the son of a rich man looked like an oppressed, wretched victim. Robber and robbed, oppressor and oppressed, David and Goliath were thus inverted in a masterful PR move. In the West, those who wished to keep hating the Jews but needed to find a way around Holocaust guilt welcomed this shiny new pretext with open arms.

    The lie that Israel is the rich robber baron has taken hold on the Far Left, such that all of Israel's dilemmas, predicaments and responses are filtered through it. Seen as a rich robber baron—which the Arab nation truly is, and Hamas is the gun held to the looted Israel's side—Israel will always be vilified, and not even a million rockets will be cause for sympathy with Israeli Jewish civilians. This, in short, is why I am so fanatical about highlighting the truth of Arab imperialism and its aggression against the Jewish State. The narrative must be reinverted, restored back to the truth.

    1. Wow. Brilliant post ziontruth. Let's also remember the longstanding impact of Soviet propaganda which invented and nurtured that narrative. So much of the left is simply reinvented Communism propaganda...the little pinko bastards.

    2. Oh, right, I forgot about the Soviets' role. But I guess that's covered by the class warfare aspect, since the Far Left in the West today are the ideological heirs of the Soviets.

      Once again, I wish to note that, although I'm a committed right-winger, I'm only against the Marxist (a.k.a. Progressive) Left; the older, patriotic Social-Democrat Left to which FDR and Ben Gurion belonged is worthy of nothing but my respect.

    3. Israel is also seen as an extension of the USA, and many of these people are just as hateful toward the very system that affords them the opportunity to express the hatred. The opportunity would disappear in their new world, even for them, but they are too wrapped up in their theories to see the plain reality of what they seek.

      Added to the religious zealotry against Jews and non-believers spurned by Islam, it makes a combustible situation. That these political zealots align with those that practice religious bigotry makes them human rights frauds.

      That said, what is the purpose of ragging on the DKos haters? There is no dispute they exist, always ready to come from the woodwork when they can blame the Jewish state, only to retire in silence when it involves grave violations in Syria, Iraq, Mali, Nigeria, Egypt, or the like. I suggest they are few, and that it's likely most readers of the blog never see these words, too busy propping up every cause and feigning outrage over the slightest distraction.

      I am more concerned these days about the establishment of a right to not be offended that is hovering overhead, than a relative few who exist in an echo chamber. This is where Obama is trading away our values in an attempt to treat our adversaries as if they see things like us, when they do not, and when they are unwilling to accept that our values deserve no less respect than their own.

    4. This -

      "many of these people are just as hateful toward the very system that affords them the opportunity to express the hatred."

      Although as for your following point, I'd also note that they are a bunch of cowardly Western 'radicals' looking to gain credibility in the eyes of other such similar Western 'radicals,' from a privileged position of assured safety in knowing that they'll never have to live under such a system as they would like to see imposed upon others.

      The 2012 Far Left Radical need go no further than their laptop to publicly cheer on tyranny and oppression these days. They don't even have to put a pair of pants on.

      There isn't really a dire need to point out particular individuals in the overall scheme of things. Though venting helps at times. One positive point in it, however, is to expose these people and the sites that host them for exactly what they are.

      Take note of how many mainstream politicians participate at Daily Kos anymore. There are none. Whereas in previous years, presidential candidates (or at least their social media people) were regular diarists. I'd like to think that is in small part due to the efforts of exposing the toxic environment there, and the numerous individuals who've created it.

    5. I think it's a good idea to send these comments to politicians and journalists that may be inclined to raise these matters of the poison that exists in the Democratic Party that many Democrats are not aware of.

    6. School, I guess the purpose for discussing DKos is for the same reason that Matt and Zach discuss the HuffPost, Adam Levick discusses the Guardian, and Jon Haber discusses BDS.

      What we do here is certainly not the same as what those guys do, what with their very focused criticisms of the particular venues that they concentrate on, but the motivation is probably similar.

      That is, the denizens of dkos represent (along with those other venues, among still others) the grassroots / netroots of the Democratic party and / or the international progressive-left.

      I have little doubt that many Jewish people were rather surprised, for example, that the Democratic party downgraded the status of Israel in the party platform. I feel equally certain that me, you, and everyone who participates here was not the least bit surprised because with our vantage point we can see things that others may not.

      Ultimately, I would say, we're just putting our ears to the tracks and describing what we hear.

    7. I suppose results are what drive me. It is not that the blogs have a problem to locate incendiary stuff, but does it change much from day to day? It can become tedious. The Democratic Convention, on the other hand, was far from day to day. On occasion I get educated, but too often the blogs just rehash one another.

      One question, to me, is how to communicate from our "vantage point" the things we can see that others may not. I think the blogs inhibit rather than foster communication because the participants and audience are the choir. One would think there would be more and better communication in this modern age of technology, but it may be just the opposite.

  8. Are we right about these things? Well, ask yourself how many times you see the left in general and especially at shitholes like dKos questioning whether Israel should exist at all; you know, like when they say Israel was a "bad idea," to begin with. WTF do these idiots think is going to happen? 6 million people are gonna pack up and go away? And you thought Helen Thomas was an outlier?

    1. Helen Thomas is more a hero to them now than she ever was. Daily Kos, the point at which Helen Thomas, David Duke, Noam Chomsky and Jeff Rense converge.

  9. “Back in mid-June, during the great Paris weapons show, the Rafael pavilion was absolutely the busiest around, and everybody wanted to look at the new, exciting, Iron Dome system, the greatest achievement in rocket defense ever. But by the end of the show, Rafael hadn’t made a single sale. The Arrow sold well, other systems did great – Iron Dome wasn’t moving. So they contacted their big clients, the serious ones, and asked what gives. And those clients told them no one except Israel has any use for these things. Because in any normal, sane country, if some hooligans were to start targeting civilians with rockets – the army would go and kill them.”


  10. "Israel sent 20 letters to U.N. on Hamas rockets in 2012, before responding militarily"


    But the lousy UN sure hopped to it once Israel responded didn't they?

  11. "Darfurian refugees literally jumped for joy at HIAS Pennsylvania's fourth annual refugee Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 11 in Center City.

    Masalit men and women from western Darfur leapt high into the air, tucking their legs under them to the rhythm of a traditional song peformed by a fellow refugee who sang and played guitar.

    Guests from a range of countries including Burma, Bhutan and Nepal shared food, music and dance moves while HIAS staff encouraged attendees to mingle at the Old Pine Community Center.

    Do these 'progressives' spend as much time, even over a decade, thinking about these refugees, as they do railing against Jews, and justifying terrorism against Israel, in any given week?

    1. Jay, I wrote a piece entitled Israel 1242 - Tibet 18 concerned with the fact that in over the course of about 13 months, between 2009 and 2010, there were 1,242 "Israel" tagged diaries and only 18 "Tibet" tagged diaries on dkos.

      This definitely suggests something unpleasant about alleged progressive values.

    2. GMTA. I just did a Darfur-related tag search, and posted below.

      Amazing, isn't it?

    3. Chinese settlements in Tibet = whaaa?!?! huh?!?!


  12. Daily Kos diaries on the Masalit people, Black African subsistence farmers who have been victims of rape and slavery at the hands of the racist Janjaweed militant savages operating in Darfur for decades = 0.

    Daily Kos diaries on Israel over the past week, since the Jooooz finally started shooting back at the genocidal terrorist organization next door, which fired hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians over a few days (and thousands over the years) = 45.

    I sense a disconnect with their brand of 'progressivism.'

    Where is, say, the very concerned Kossack (yes, I use that term deliberately now) 'angry marmot' on things like this? Or is he only 'angry' at Jews, perhaps?