Friday, November 9, 2012

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Mike L.

An Open Letter to Steve Gutow of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs

In an interview with Rabbi Golub of Shalom TV, Gutow charged Pam Geller with racism because the word "Jihad" is taken by the Muslim mainstream to refer to an essential part of their religion.

He's certainly correct about that, but he entirely misses the larger point which is that political Islam is an exceedingly dangerous, misogynistic  homophobic, and anti-Semitic political movement which we cannot afford to ignore.

Here's the actual interview:


  1. Denotation/Connotation. As long as "jihad," refers to some of the most abhorrent violence in the world, Muslims are just gonna have to live with the stain. Reality test, please.

    1. He's a member of the conservative-left, as is Obama and most left-leaning Jews when it comes to foreign policy.

      That is, he doesn't really seem to mind the rise of political Islam throughout the Middle East and because he doesn't, he ends up attacking a foreign policy liberal like Geller who opposes the oppression of women and the murder of Gay people.

      Since the Democratic party and the progressive movement have capitulated to the most conservative elements on the entire planet it will be up to others to claim the mantle of liberalism within American foreign policy.

  2. Mike, this twerp is not what I consider in any way shape or form, a rabbi. I have just checked him out.
    He's one in the line of many who sees Islam purely as a peaceful religion.

    Here's the first item in my way of thinking

    He graduated from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College.
    That's no rabbi. That's some weird and whacky American Jewish branch of Judaism.

    He is the founding executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council

    He served as the pulpit rabbi at the Reconstructionist Minyan of St. Louis

    He is also into all this Interfaith garbage

    Too many minuses for my liking

  3. Another point.

    How on earth can he claim to be a rabbi, when he cannot adhere to his religion.?

    IF he is a rabbi, he should not be clean shaven!

    1. So Shirl,

      Does this mean women rabbis are OK with you so long as they have beards?

  4. "CAIR Poll: More Than 85% of American Muslims Picked Obama....""

    Now, who woulda thunk it?

    1. 70% of American Jews voted for Obama.

      Who woulda thunk it?

    2. Stuart, why are you supporting a president that supports a political movement that has hatred toward Jews at its core?

    3. I'm not Mike. Why do you continue to misrepresent the truth?

    4. Misrepresent the truth?

      This can only mean that either A) you did not support the Obama administration in its recent bid for reelection or B) that you honestly believe that the administration did not support the Brotherhood.

      In either case, you are being as slippery as an eel.

      If the answer is A then you were keeping that pretty well-hidden, you crypto-Romney supporter, you.

      If the answer is B then you are in strictly in denial, because it is clearly part of the historical record that the Obama administration has supported the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Either way, it is becoming harder and harder to see how "progressive Zionists" can even be considered pro-Israel.

      Ya know, btw, only 30 rockets fired into southern Israel today from the Little Brotherhood, or friends, in Gaza.

      That would be the organization derived from the Big Brotherhood in Cairo that Obama helped usher into power.

      Are you sure that you really consider yourself pro-Israel, cuz I am not seeing it.

      Do you even let your on-line progressive activist friends know that Israel is under attack, because if we don't tell them then they will not know.

      Or do you find it more socially convenient just to keep your mouth shut?

      I'm guessing the latter.

    5. So you hold Obama responsible for the rockets being fired into southern Israel? If not, why is it pertinent to this conversation?

    6. I hold Obama responsible for supporting political Islam, the foremost example of which is the Muslim Brotherhood.

      The Brotherhood, as you know, or should know, is the parent organization of both Qaeda and Hamas.

      The truth is that you do know this, but you seem to find it irrelevant.

      I hold progressive Democrats, and particularly progressive Jewish Democrats, responsible for advancing an administration that supports the foremost racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and genocidally anti-Semitic movement in the world today.

      That will be my main theme going forward, because it is clearly the case.

    7. This is, of course, a criticism coming from your left, not your right.

    8. So if not but for Obama, there would be peace in the middle east and Israel would be forever safe?

    9. btw, Stuart, this comment is really beneath you.

      It's nothing but an exceedingly weak evasion.

      There are only a few points of consideration here.

      The first is that political Islam is a homophobic, mysoginistic, genocidally anti-Semitic political movement that is driving non-Muslims out of the Middle East.

      This is either true or it is not true.

      If you claim that it is not true then it just indicates to me that you are simply not paying attention or just don't care.

      The second claim is that Barack Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood which is the foremost Islamist organization on the planet.

      Again, this is either true or it is not true.

      Since we know it it is true, we can assert without question that it is true. A = A.

      This nonsense that you have tossed-off above does not go to the question.

      The truth of the matter, whether you like it or not, is that you are supporting a president who supports a political movement that hold hatred towards Jews at its core.

      I can understand why you might not want to face that fact, but don't piss on my head and tell me its raining.


  5. The drift to the centre and right among Australian Jews is much more more advanced but it is a different political landscape. We do not have the same domestic issues.

    Reproduction rights, gun control, national health insurance and what to do with large numbers of people living long term in a quasi legal status because you have land borders for example are not issues that need trouble the Australian liberal.

    Nevertheless the US result is surprising and disappointing. After all your economy is pig shit ugly. With all due respect.

    In any moderate liberal free market democracy with all machinery and estates functioning properly the course ahead for a free people was clear.

    You sack the CEO's miserable son of a bitch ass the first opportunity you get.

    If necessary impeach him. You might have to do that yet with this one.

    The economy's not Obama's fault? Then whose is it?

    The rich white guy?


    Because he is rich? Because he is white? Because he is a guy?