Thursday, November 1, 2012

Latest Times of Israel Piece

Mike L.

The Ultra-Super Sophisticated Progressive-Left Genius Jews

For the life of me I cannot understand how any Jewish supporter of Israel could possibly support a president of the United States that helps usher the Brotherhood into power in Egypt.

I sometimes wonder if it's not some political equivalent of the kind of ultra-high level mathematics in which 2 + 2 does not necessarily equal 4.

These guys are way too smart for me... clearly.


  1. FWIW, the people over there have moderated out my last two comments.

    Seems they do not like me because I asked if I could post anonymously, and they would not accept my reasons why.

    My point was that these elites, Jewish or not, are the matter, but they will be repudiated by events.

    To me, the best way to fight them is propose ideas that expose the flaws of their follies in the face of history and human reality.

    1. School,

      TOI refused to publish your comments because you wanted to publish anonymously?

      Now that I think on it, I do not recall seeing any anonymous comments there. Apparently it's against their policy.

      To me, the best way to fight them is propose ideas that expose the flaws of their follies in the face of history and human reality.

      When I think back on the history of this blog, and it's getting to be a rather lengthy history, now, what disappoints me has been the failure of my left critics to address my questions and issues in a fair and straightforward manner.

      I come out of their movement, for chrissake. I was one of them and now they want to drum me out in order to dismiss my criticisms.

      You've disagreed, but your politics are not defined by left / right.

      The only stalwart progressive that has challenged this blog in an honest and consistent manner has been Stuart.

      Volleyboy acted as a bully and thereby stifled actual discussion.

      fizziks started out as a fair-minded critic, but the moment we started to have a discussion the bullies came marching through, wrecking the furniture.

    2. I did not try to post there anonymously, but under my name. as here.

      They had a problem with starting a blog, but they seem to extend it to comments. even as psalm118o8 posts the first comment to your post.

      I find what they are doing quite strange.

      I don't think those on the Left are obligated to defend their views, which are usually indefensible, but that pro-Israel proponents need to present their ideas independently so the fair minded can decide for themselves, which will be easier as events show the Left has a contorted perception of what occurs in reality.

    3. Yeah, I find it a little strange, as well, School, and I have no idea what to make of it.

      I hope that you'll continue to try, at least, to comment under my pieces.

      It's greatly appreciated.

  2. Love the one comment over there

    " 'red diaper doper babies'." HA!