Friday, November 23, 2012

Say Hello to Alan Stock

Mike L.

Mr. Stock is a radio and TV talk show host in Las Vegas, Nevada, who emailed me recently to ask my permission to publish one of my pieces, A Question for Progressive-Left American Jews, on his website. If you go to that link you will see that piece directly on the top of his page.

Alan's website tells us that:
Talkers Magazine (, the bible of the talk radio industry, has named Alan Stock as one of the 100 most influential talk radio hosts in America for twelve straight years. Radio and Records, the one-time bible of the entire radio industry, named Alan one of six top local talk radio personalities. Alan has been the recipient of two Electronic Media Awards and in 2003, Alan was inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Association’s Hall of Fame.
According to his email, Alan intends to point people to that article when he returns to the airwaves on Monday at AM720, the mighty KDWN, with his show Eye On Vegas with Alan Stock.  Alan can be heard Monday through Friday, 6 to 9 AM, Vegas time.

I just want to thank Alan for his appreciation of that piece and for promoting it to his listeners come Monday morning and to encourage all you guys to give it a listen if you can.


  1. Congratulations! This is great.

  2. I'm pleased for you Mike. This is tremendous.

    I like Alan Stock! What a nice man.

    Even though I haven't been to Nevada for fifteen years or more. Or the rest of the United States come to think of it.

    You can just tell these things

    G'day Alan! How's that Outback Steakhouse just off the Strip getting on? Is Faux Oz still fashionable?

  3. I've frontpaged this at the Bar and Grill. In fact as you can see it's spilling all over the joint.

  4. Congrats, Mike. I'm glad you can get your words and ideas out to places and to other people without having to throw childish temper tantrums and without engaging in cyberbullying, unlike certain others around the web.

    1. I can't believe the guy went into full-on defamation mode.

      In my piece, Strategies of denial in progressive-left Jewish discourse, defamation is the final strategy... well, actually, threats of violence represent the true final strategy, but I decided not go that route when I wrote the thing.

      The guy even went so far as to suggest that this blog is part of some "divide and conquer strategy by anti-Israel forces."

      I swear to G-d, some people just have no shame whatsoever.

    2. Mike, all Right Wing Derangement Syndrome victims are the same; they keep coming up with the craziest conspiracy shit. Plus it plays well in their hood.

    3. Well, and the thing of it is, my criticism of progressive-left Zionism is actually a criticism that comes from their left, not from their right.

      Obama supports the Brotherhood. At this point, it is beyond any doubt. What I say is that one cannot be a liberal while simultaneously supporting the most ferociously conservative and reactionary right-wing movement in the world today, which is political Islam.

      Does fizziks support political Islam?

      I wouldn't think so and I have never said otherwise, despite his misguided defamations.

      However, I do think that one should think long and hard about supporting politicians who do, in fact, support political Islam as this administration does.