Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blatant Palestinian Racism

By Karam

On left political blogs, such as Daily Kos, Israel is constantly accused of racism. The truth of the matter, of course, is that the Palestinians (and the Arab world, more generally) are far and away more racist than are the Israelis.

Check this one out:

"The light rain cleanses the steps of the foreigners (Jews) so that the feet (of Muslims) in prayer will not step on impurity."

Tell me, does it get any more racist than that?

Progressives point the finger at us, while entirely ignoring the violent and genocidal racism that surrounds the Jews of the Middle East.

It is long past time to acknowledge that the progressive-left, and thus in some measure the Democratic Party, is simply no friend to the Jewish people.

Acknowledge the obvious.


  1. Only the right seems to be talking about it unfortunately. This creates a dilemma for those on the left who don't want to be identified as "right wing racists." Cute little game they have set up.

  2. Precisely.

    When I say "acknowledge the obvious" this is just the kind of thing that I am talking about.

    Yet if we do acknowledge the obvious, in defense of the Jewish people and the Jewish state, we are then accused of racism.

    It is a kind of scam, isn't it, yet most liberals and progressives simply have their eyes entirely shut.

  3. Yes, they foolishly believe that they are not also targets of those who most hate Israel and all Jews, that the racists actually see the world as they do.

  4. Rubin explains some of this:

    Why Don’t Western Elites Get the Middle East? Because They Think It’s Just Like Them (Sort of)

  5. Yup.

    We tend to think that the rest of the world thinks just like we do and that, therefore, if we are just reasonable... in the way that we think of as reasonable... then they will respond in a reasonable manner.

    Apparently that is not the case.

    I mean, really:

    '37 and '47 and '67 and 2000 and '08.

    How many more times will they refuse a state for themselves and then blame it on us?

    Over and over and over again.