Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jew Cooties?

Elder of Ziyon reports that Egyptian Rowan Ali forfeited a Taekwondo match when she learned her next opponent was an Israeli. An Iranian champion refused to attend the medal ceremony so he didn't have to stand next to an Israeli. He also reports that Steven Spielberg's name was covered on Lebanese movie posters of Tin -Tin; presumably because he is a Jew.

Grow up Middle East. You look more foolish and petty and a whole lot of other stuff every day.


  1. When people are forced to act this way, one should ask themselves why and what this means?

  2. We have to face the fact of Arab and Muslim race-hate toward Jews.

    White liberal or leftist anti-Semitism is nothing compared to the screaming masses in the Middle East.

    We have to face it and speak of it and expose it.

    There is no reason why Arab racism toward Jews should get a pass, particularly considering it is probably the most vicious race hatred on the planet today.

  3. I can't think of any race hatred that even comes close to it. In comparison there is almost no other tangible race hatred.