Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Only the Palestinians Can End the Occupation


The progressive-left, because it claims to stand for social justice, urges Israel to end the occupation of the "Palestinian territories." On political blogs and journals throughout the progressive-left, analysts and activists demand and demand and demand. Actually, not only do they make that demand, they also demonize and defame and dehumanize the Jewish state, which must inevitably result in violence toward the Jewish people, as they insist on Israeli compliance.

There is only one problem, however. Israel can't do it. The truth of the matter, and it is a truth that you will not read in progressive-left venues, is that only the Palestinians can end the occupation.

I want to make this point very, very clear because (one) no one else seems to be making it and (two) the truth of it is obvious. So, let's repeat the point for the sake of clarity.

Only the Palestinians can end the occupation. Israel is incapable of doing so.

The reason for this is because what we call "the occupation" is nothing more than Jewish attempts to defend themselves in the ongoing Long Arab War Against the Jews in the Middle East. From the time that Mohammed's forces poured out of the Saudi peninsula until the British booted the Ottomans out of Palestine, the Jews were an oppressed minority living as second and third class citizens (dhimmis) on their own land. Once the Jews were freed from 13 centuries of dhimmitude the Arabs launched the Long War which began around the early 1920s, when the Mufti whipped the masses into a genocidal anti-Semitic frenzy resulting in bloody riots, and which continues until this day.

At the front lines of this war are the Palestinians. The Palestinians represent the core of the Arab assault on the Jews since the time that we were freed until the present. What we call "the occupation"... which is to say the check-points and the security fence and the blockade of Gaza, and so forth... are nothing more than Israeli-Jewish measures to defend their own people from the far larger hostile Arab forces that surrounds them. And that is precisely why Israel is incapable of ending the so-called occupation. If they dismantle the check-points, it means more Arabs will kill more Jews. If they end the blockade of weaponry into Gaza, it means more Arabs will kill more Jews. If they take down the security fence, it also means more Arabs will kill more Jews. And that is precisely why Israel refuses to take such measures. Progressive-left idealists can spit hatred at the Jewish state until Kingdom Come, but there is not so much hatred in the world that can force the Jewish people to allow one another to be murdered.

Therefore, it is only the Palestinians who can end the occupation.

And, in truth, doing so would be very simple if they could simply bring themselves to do it. All that Palestinian leadership needs to do is sincerely declare the end of hostilities, declare a desire for normalization, trade, and peace, and cease inciting hatred toward Jews among their own people. If they did this and if the Palestinians put away their Kassams and Qatyushas then the occupation would end. Israel doesn't put up check-points because Jews are mean, they do it to protect themselves. Israel doesn't blockade Gaza because Jews are mean, but because Hamas is a genocidal organization that threatens southern Israel with rocket attack on more or less a daily basis. Israel didn't build a security fence which inconveniences some Palestinians because they are mean, either, but because they must prevent terrorists from coming into Israel for the purpose of blowing themselves up.

I understand, of course, that the great majority of progressives could hardly care less about Jewish security, and that they do not mind the rise of the Nazi-influenced Radical Jihad, but us Jews do not have that luxury. We are not going to commit suicide because progressives self-righteously insist that it is our only moral option.

The people suffering most from "the occupation" are, however, the Palestinians. That much is certain. I therefore recommend that the Palestinians end the occupation immediately. If they would do so they would gain their freedom, they would gain their state, they would gain their dignity, and they would gain potential prosperity for themselves and their children and grandchildren.

I say, end the occupation now.

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