Friday, November 4, 2011

This is the Progressive-Left

I'm not doing propaganda. (0+ / 1-)

The Europeans and the rest of the civilized world will marginalize, isolate, boycott and disengage from Israel (at least those not burdened under the boot heel of the USA) because of the inhumane way they have treated the Palestinians, their constant lying/spying on "friendly" nations and their push to destabilize the region as a whole. The fact that they haven't even admitted that the have nuclear capacity weaponry (or let international inspections) is more than enough to cause serious concern. They will have to put aside their outrageous, bellicose paranoia when the U.S. is too collapsed and weak to act as a political/financial shield. But by all means believe whatever you please, it's of no matter to me.

by drawingporno on Thu Nov 03, 2011 at 07:13:27 PM PDT

When you support progressives you support people like this guy.

Every single generation we get this stuff.

Every single one, but this time we're supposed to believe that if we did not deserve abuse in the past, we do so now.

Now, apparently, we really do deserve to be marginalized, isolated, boycotted and disengaged from by the "civilized" world.

shmuelman responded to the above comment with this:

I don't know who you are (0+ / 0-)

but your comment: "it'll be the rest of the civilized world (discounting the USA) who will get them to heel" is the common antisemitic theme throughout history about why Jews should be annhilated. You think anyone gave ashit while the Jews were exterminated in Europe, before or after it happened? No doubt, like Ahmadinejad, you probably are a holocaust denier / get over it already type of person. It is obvious to any sane Jew that they can only expect endless conspiracy theories from antisemitic assholes like you, about why they should be annihilated, brought to heel, should get sent back to Poland or wherever else they came from originally. We know we will have to go it alone.


  1. The commenter is a disgusting racist but all too common on the left. shmuelman's a coolman!

  2. We have always known that there is an element of the self-identified (I personally don't consider them to be of the left, but they self-identify as such, nonetheless) that is Hate America First. However, that small group does not speak for the left in this country. 99.9% of those who identify as center-left or left in this country do so because of how much we love America and because we seek to make this country a much better place for ourselves and for future generations.

  3. Reuven, you're in denial and have been betrayed by your own movement, a movement that could care less about Jewish self-determination and that provides venues for the spread hatred toward both the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

    Open your eyes.