Monday, November 14, 2011

Fizziks Banned From Daily Kos (Updated):

The administrators over at Daily Kos have knocked off another pro-Israel user.

Fizziks is now banned.

They may not have much appreciated that fizziks participates here on occasion.


It could be, although I cannot know, that fizziks got yanked because of his suggestion that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic.

The truth, of course, is that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic.

I, myself, am not a "Zionist" because that movement fulfilled itself in 1948. It's been over for a long time, now.

The term "Zionism" is still in usage for two reasons.

Much like older African-American organizations, like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), which retains the word "colored," so older pro-Israel organizations maintain the term "Zionist."

I am pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, but the word "Zionism" had very little to do with my upbringing or our family conversation. Your mileage may vary, but that's how it was in my community and within my family. We were just American Jews who cared about Israel in much the same way that we imagined our Irish and Italian neighbors cared about Ireland and Italy.

The other reason why the term "Zionist" continues in popular usage among anti-Semitic anti-Zionists and Israel Haters is because they've tagged it with negative connotations. They now use it as a club against Jews who care about the Jewish state. After decades of Arab and Left propaganda "Zionist" now just sounds bad to the vast majority of Arabs and most progressives, as well.

In the United States, this propaganda war against the Jewish people took place... much of it, perhaps most of it... within the Democratic Party in recent decades.

I am sorry, folks, but you cannot easily separate the Progressive movement from the Democratic Party. Nor can you easily separate the anti-Zionist movement from the larger Progressive movement which provides it political shelter in the United States and Europe.

These are political issues that this generation of liberal Jews are only now realizing and discussing.

And I do not think that things look good for the Democratic Party in terms of the traditional Jewish constituency.

Heck, we are not beholden to them.

They have every right to sell us down the river and we have every right to respond as we will... including telling Democrats to fuck off.

It's time to stand up.


  1. Hmmmmmm. Wonder what happened? Didn't see anything over there all that controversial that he said or did.

  2. I know.

    It's not like the guys was wracking up all these TRs.

    Hopefully he'll drop by here and let us know what the hell happened... if he even knows.

    They've also removed rating privileges, if my information is correct, from JayinPortland, mets102, leftynyc, JNEREBEl, livosh1, and (maybe) volleyboy1.

  3. This will only reinforce that Daily Kos is a site where the Finkelsteins of the world find refuge.

  4. Well, the common thread for all us is that we're pro-Israel and Jewish.

  5. This is something, the occurrence, which should be publicized. It seems intentional. I would love for some journalist to ask Kos about the common thread.

  6. I have no explanation. I have never had a hidden comment over there, didn't uprate anything controversial to my knowledge, did not receive any sort of warning, and had a rec listed diary as recently as yesterday - in addition to my history of rec listed diaries and ~50 followers. This is completely out of the blue as far as I can tell.

    If they banned me for posting over here, when I am not there, that is really creepy and really stalker-ish. Especially given that I have posted here to disagre with Karma that Jews should leave the Democratic Party.

  7. And there's a rule at Daily Kos that whatever happens off the blog stays off the blog. So what you post here is not supposed to matter, in the least, as to your status of Daily Kos. Of course, we know that team p likes to make a big deal about it, but that is technically not relevant. Besides, you don't see us going after them for posting at MondoFront unless they specifically bring MondoFront up and use it as a source.

  8. The only that makes sense to me is that fizziks was banned for associating with this blog.

    I certainly see nothing that fizziks has written over there (or over here) that is ban-worthy.

    I might be wrong, but it makes sense as a motive for banning.

  9. Karma: While that could be an explanation for my banning, it wouldn't explain why everyone else is NR.

    This is truly a mystery.

  10. It does not. This makes absolutely no sense. Especially as both Jay and I have also commented here.

  11. It's one plausible hypothesis, that is all.

    I do not know the truth of the matter any more than do you, Reuven.

  12. Hopefully let us know when you find out.

  13. I doubt that we'll ever know because no one from dkos is going to tell fizziks the reason.

  14. I removed my previous two messages because I wrote some things in them that, I think, were too personal, and that, I think, were, involved with that, not beneficial to express.

    After I removed my previous messages, I read, recently, in a comment, by Karmafish, on the more recent post titled "And Now Ireland", that Karmafish saw that fizziks was reinstated at GOS.

  15. I have not eaten any babies, Doodad. At least, not yet.


    My cross-country train trip and 2.5 week vacation / family visit came right at the perfect time, as I just realized how little I truly need that hate-friendly shitpile in my life. They lost me, not the other way around.

    And with that, I'm off into the Wild and Crazy New Jersey Night again! See youze later...