Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Volleyboy1 Smeared on Daily Kos

{Posted by Karmafish}

Progressives, with the obvious exception of progressive Zionists, just love to defame and demonize Israel. Those of us who care about that country and who follow I-P discourse on the progressive-left know that progressive venues spit hatred at Israel constantly.

Part of the tactic used in defaming Israel is in defaming Jewish supporters of Israel by dragging our characters through the mud and smearing us with the most insidious charges imaginable.

Today, I see, that the heathlander has smeared and defamed Volleyboy1.

In a "diary" by The Troubadour, a wolf in sheep's clothing if every there was one, Volleyboy stood up for Israel by carefully explaining just how it is that Israel cannot in any way be reasonably compared to the Jim Crow South.

So, how does the heathlander respond?

He tells Volleyboy that he favors apartheid and the brutalization of Palestinians!

The thrust of your comment is that unlike black people in the US, Palestinians deserve to be brutalised... I won't bother to respond to this - although if apartheid is a justified and necessary response by Israel...

The problem is that Volleyboy never said, nor in any way implied, that Israel was, or should be, an apartheid state. Nor did Volleyboy ever say, or in any way imply, that he favors the brutalization of anyone.

But, needless to say, this is how these vicious anti-Semitic anti-Zionists like the heathlander operate. First they defame Israel then they defame Jewish defenders of Israel if, like Volleyboy, we dare to speak up.

This is what we must put up with if we wish to participate on the progressive-left.

Thank G-d I no longer have any such desire, but I do feel bad for Jewish liberals who must put up with this sort of defamation on a regular basis. It's a rather high price to pay in order to participate in progressive venues.

I, for one, do not think that it is worth it... not by a long shot.


  1. heathlander is dyed in the wool. He cannot do anything else but lie about these things; facts mean nothing. If they did he wouldn't be pushing ANOTHER false analogy about Israel. How many false analogies can these lying scum come up with? many as they can until they succeed in getting Jews killed and/or Israel destroyed. Looks like they convinced Dublin City Council about one of their twisted analogies. The Apartheid canard we hear everyday. Why not go for the gusto?

  2. BTW here's the wall of shame for this crap. A list of Israel haters and nutbars as long as your arm

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  3. In fact, now that I think on it further, this is really nothing less than the blood libel.

    Just as Europeans told medieval Jews that we have blood-lust toward Christian children, so heathlander is telling volley that he has blood-lust toward Palestinians.

    How's that for a vicious, and entirely false, allegation?

  4. I question why people even spend the time to treat them seriously, answering their inane assertions. It gives them a credibility in the debate that they do not deserve.

  5. Well, the thing of it is, there's a concern that if the defamations go unchallenged then people who do not know any better will swallow them whole... which, unfortunately, seems to happen anyway.

  6. I don't consider it a debate Oldschool. More like slander and j'accuse. But dKos is such an ingrained antisemitic swamp that it probably should be avoided as much as Mondofront. Let them fester in their hate. Then expose them in friendlier venues.