Friday, November 11, 2011

Who Do You Stand With?

In many ways, that is the question of the moment. If Israel does what is necessary by hitting Iranian nuclear facilities how will you respond? If that happens, Israel will be alone against hypocritical world opinion. The very countries who most do not want Iran to have nuclear weaponry, such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, will scream the loudest about "Israeli aggression."

Throughout Europe and the United States "progressives" will go absolutely Der Sturmer, telling one another how evil Israel is, with the implication that it should never have been created in the first place.

But, what will you do?

That's my question, today. Will you stand up and tell these vicious progressives that Israel has every right, given Iranian hostility toward that country, to defend itself by taking down that program or will you stand by silently as your political allies trash the Jewish state?

My decision is made. If Israel hits the Iranian nuclear facilities, I will support it to the hilt.

Will you?


  1. People crazy with Jew hatred should not have nukes. I stand with Israel.

    Speaking of crazy when it comes to Jews, Israel's peace partner Egypt:

    "Egypt closes Pyramids in fear of Jewish Masonic numerology plot

    .....One SCA employee claimed that a crew of 1,200 Jews were planning to attend the event, crowning the mightiest of the three structures with a Star of David in order to assert the claim that Jewish slaves built the pyramids, and not the ancient Egyptians, Egyptian daily Al Ahram reported.

    Former SCA Secretary General Abdel Halim Noureddin told Al Ahram Jewish Masons have been trying to cap the Great Pyramid since 1931 with the Jewish emblem, so this instance should not be surprising.
    According to a report from British daily the Telegraph, a Polish numerologist group had, in fact, received permission from the Egyptian government to hold a ceremony at the pyramids in order to protect the world from "cosmic forces" aimed at destroying Earth next year.

    The resulting commotion surrounding the event, including the attendance of Jewish Masons, pushed the SCA to cancel the event, called the "Ceremony of Love."

    You can't make this stuff up. It goes on all the time in the middle east. I fear they are all just too far gone when it comes to Jews over there. The thought of any of them with nukes is a nightmare despite the thoughts of Kossacks like NuclearNate and his defenders at dKos.

  2. Regarding the discussion re: attacks on nuke seeking Iran

    "The PFLP's Kayed al-Ghoul said that "Zionist threats prove once again that the [Zionist] colonial project is intended to provide support of capitalism in the region, and to keep the Muslim nations under control in order to plunder their resources. These threats prove that the so-called statelet (Israel) is a tool of the U.S. administration in the region." He also said that Israel aims to punish Iran for its support for the resistance forces in Gaza and Lebanon.

    If these exact words were chanted by the "human microphones" at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations - no one would blink."

    Funny how terrorists often sound exactly like leftist/progressives Kossacks etc, isn't it? Joined at the hip.

  3. Things could get very ugly very soon, Doodad.

    If Israel does what it needs to do, they're going to come at us from all sides.

    Obviously, Israeli Jews will get the worst of the condemnation which will come from the UN and the NGOs, all the Arab states, and most of Europe, as well as the much of the European and American press.

    Not to mention all the bombs that will come from Gaza and Lebanon.

    At the same time, Jewish supporters of Israel will get railed at for daring to defend the violent, racist, colonialist, imperialist, apartheid state of Israel, even as that country's civilians get indiscriminately attacked.

    Stuart says that for me this is all that matters. That is not true. Lots of things also matter, but nothing matters more.

    That much is for sure.

    Nothing matters more.

  4. Oh stop that. There aren't too many things in my life that matter more (my stash...ok, kidding about the stash, maybe). You know I was talking politically. If it happens, US politics or worldwide condemnation won't be the part I'm worrying about.

    I'm not sure why this chapter in "Israel's gonna bomb Iran" seems to be getting more face time than the previous 18 chapters. My imagination?

  5. I think because it just seems so much more plausible at this moment.

    I think, at this particular moment, people have drawn the definite conclusion that nobody, but nobody, other than Israel is going to do anything about the possibility of Iranian nukes.

    And Israel simply can't allow Iran to gain that weaponry.

    If Iran gets nuclear weaponry, Israel just might as well close up shop, because who would want to live there?

    So, yeah, this feels to me, at least, like a build into a crisis moment, but we'll see.

  6. Stuxnet. And it's not only Israel.

  7. I think the matter of Iran's intention to make a bomb should be established at the Security Council, with IAEA providing its information for the Council and the World.

    Israel, the US, Canada, and others should go before the Security Council seeking a resolution.

  8. Stuxnet was brilliant.

    It represents the very best way this kind of thing can be done.

    I do not relish the idea of the IAF making some screaming run into Iran for the purpose of blowing shit up.

    Are you kidding me? I look forward to that like I look forward to root canal surgery.

    But I also expect for Israel to do whatever it needs to do to survive its rather unfriendly neighborhood.

    If sabotage will get the job done, then by all means, they should sabotage away.

  9. Israel Matzav has an interview with an Iranian nuclear scientist who defected, it's in Hebrew with an english summary at the end but the 3 main points are:

    "Iran is running a secret program at Busher
    Reactor not properly protected against military strike and earth quake
    Iran will use nuclear weapon against countries who threaten the regime"