Monday, November 7, 2011

Kossack Blames Iraq War on Israel

In a recent "diary" Daily Kos racist Farha Khaled claims that the United States went to war with Iraq on behalf of the Jewish state.

the evidence for the Iraq war was fabricated by the now defunct 'The Office of Special Plans' affiliated with hard line likudniks whose mission was to drag the USA into a war with Iran then Saudi Arabia, and Syria with the aim of securing Israel's regional supremacy.

On her own blog, Ms. Khaled claims to be a "freelance writer" and a "Columnist for the Saudi based Arab News."

The Saudi based Arab News?

This is not your parent's progressive movement. That much is certain.

I find this to be rather interesting because it shows how anti-Semitic Arab propaganda is spread directly into the progressive-left. Furthermore, if I say anything to the effect of, "Hey. Farha Khaled is an Arab person, associated with Saudi media, who is spreading anti-Semitic propaganda into the the western progressive-left" members of the left will turn around and call me a racist.

That's quite a game you guys are running on the Jewish people, I've gotta tell ya.

As long as I am slinging around Nazi analogies, it would be like calling German Jews in the 1930s racist for opposing the anti-Semitic policies and rhetoric of the Nazi regime.

That is precisely the corner that the progressive-left has shoved us into.


  1. I again remind you that this is but a small segment of the self-identified left. These assholes may consider themselves part of a "Progressive" movement, but their antisemitism places them outside the traditional abhorrence of the left to bigotry. In fact, I consider opposition to bigotry one of the hallmarks and defining characteristics of the left. Furthermore, I do not consider myself a "Progressive," an amorphous term used by some on the left because of how conservatives have denigrated our traditional self-identification and "Progressives" thus embrace the term to try and eliminate that stigma. Instead, I use the traditional term of self-identification, LIBERAL, a title I proudly wear.

    Finally, this is yet another instance where you smear the entirety of the left for the behavior of a small group that self-identifies, but is not of, the left. Yes, there are self-identified leftists that are antisemites, just like there are those that self-identify as rightist and are antisemites. In fact, antisemitism is considerably more common on the right, particularly historically, and it is something that persists to the current day. For that, I direct people to two recent articles, one reported by the JTA about an incident at Oxford University's Conservative Association and the other at YNet about a Republican state representative in Texas.,7340,L-4144069,00.html

    To the credit of the Tories and the university, the incident is being investigated and discipline contemplated. However, as the article noted, this is not a new occurrence and demonstrates the persistence of antisemitism on the right.

  2. This racist antisemite posts at dKos because she know she is WELCOME there (Big Tent.) Again it's a matter of just how much antisemitism is enough before Progressives decide it's enough. So far, all is ok. I suspect too much is very far away yet.

    I support zero tolerance whether left or right.

  3. No, you persist in missing the point.

    "this is yet another instance where you smear the entirety of the left for the behavior of a small group that self-identifies, but is not of, the left."

    At this point I wonder if your persistent misreading of what I am saying is willful.

    The progressive-left, as a movement, has accepted anti-Semitic anti-Zionism as part of its coalition.

    Do you deny it?

    Further, today anti-Semitism is far and away more prevalent on the left, precisely because it has accepted anti-Semitic anti-Zionism as part of the movement.

    Your own movement has betrayed you, Reuven.

    They have slapped you in the face, yet you still support them.

  4. Here's the wall of shame for the diarist.

    Brecht, Never2Late4Change, SCFrog, absdoggy

    Admittedly not a lot of support from the usual suspects but also not a lot of the HR's are mostly Pro-I folk

    dhonig, fizziks, Kane in CA, Its the Supreme Court Stupid, wiscmass, qannabbos

    Tells us a lot as far as I'm concerned. Where are you concerned Pro-P Kossacks who don't want your site to have a reputation as a sewer of hate racism and antisemitism? Probably too busy planning your next "Israel bad 24/7," diary.

  5. Yup.

    It's pretty infuriating when people refuse to acknowledge what is before their very eyes.

    Maybe because it is so prevalent it just sorta fades into the background like wallpaper and thus goes unacknowledged by those who refuse to see what is directly in front of them.

    Furthermore, this alleged tiny minority actually drive the conversation around I-P on the left. It is they who set the terms of the discussion. It is certainly not us who so.

    They set the terms of the discussion and we respond employing those very same terms which derive from the so-called "Palestinian narrative."

    We are constantly on the defensive and they are constantly on the attack as the rest of the progressive-left either breaks out the popcorn ("Oh, look, another flotilla to challenge the Israelis! What fun!") or they simply ignore what is going on entirely.

  6. I do not believe that the left is more tolerant of antisemitism than the right. Yes, there is an element of the "left," and I use that term here because of how the people self-identify, that engage in it and tolerate it in the name of what they consider "The Cause." However, that is not representative of the left as a whole, nor should it be presented that way. There are elements on both the self-identified left and the self-identified right that engage in antisemitism or tolerate or look the other way when it arises because it suits their political interests to do so. I am simply criticizing your broad brush against the entirety of the left and your continual glossing over or ignoring it when it occurs on the right.

    If you criticized both the marginal elements of the left AND the right for their tolerance of antisemitism, then my criticisms, if existent, would be considerably different. However, you do not criticize the right, and while not considering yourself a member of it, do them a service through that. You consider yourself an independent with no allegiance to left or right, then act as one. Call out the antisemitism wherever and whenever it occurs, instead of simply focusing on the left.

  7. "Furthermore, this alleged tiny minority actually drive the conversation around I-P on the left."

    Well yeah. How often do we see a diary on any progressive/leftist site decrying bad actions by Palestinians or Arabs vis a vis Israel? Contrast that with the reverse situation. I think part of it may be I think part of it may be that Pro-I's are just nicer people but a lot of it is that it's not as popular as demonizing Israel. That's what sells among most Kossacks.


    Great blog I just found. Lots of info re: European antisemitism that we seldom hear about here. Suggest everyone have a look.

  9. I am looking at Europe all the time. As I have said, it's what happens when policies go fubar. Hopefully, it will not get as bad in the USA.